Landis Event in San Jose tonight - how many errors can the press make?

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Feb 22, 2007, 1:35:36 AM2/22/07

Just saw coverage of the Floyd Landis fundraiser at the Tied House in
SJ tonight on KTVU (Ch 2, Fox affiliate). They desperately need to
find someone who understands cycling, and need a good editor/producer
for these pieces. They butchered the spelling of Mike J's last name,
then the interviewed an editor for 'Vello News'. General tone seem
slanted towards 'when Floyd gets a two year ban' rather than 'if Floyd
loses his appeal ...'. I'd complain to the station, but past
experience leads me to believe it would be for naught.

- rick

Mike Jacoubowsky

Feb 22, 2007, 7:57:37 PM2/22/07

Not the first time they've wrecked my name, but kinda frustrating since they
had me spell it (on tape) for them.

Do remember, though, this is *not* an appeal. That's something they were
pretty emphatic about towards the end. To say it's an "appeal" makes it seem
as though he's already lost the first round, which, according to their
logic, he has not.

I still think Floyd's team made a mistake by spelling out most of their
defense ahead of time. Knowing that it's going to be an open hearing, I
can't help but believe a "Shock & Awe" method, basically throwing them way
off-guard with all of their mistakes, without having time to prepare a
reaction, would have been better. I understand that Floyd wants to rally
people behind him, and for that, he needs people to believe. But the truth
is, it's really not what the "people" believe that matters. It's convincing
the WADA, USADA etc.

Glad I didn't bring a TdF Nike replica yellow jersey to have signed. Would
have cut the wind out of the sails of the one they auctioned off for, what,

--Mike Jacoubowsky
Chain Reaction Bicycles
Redwood City & Los Altos, CA USA

Mike Jacoubowsky

Feb 23, 2007, 3:51:19 AM2/23/07
I've put up a Picasa page with a few photos from the Floyd Landis
fundraising event-

Diablo Scott

Feb 23, 2007, 3:24:50 PM2/23/07

Got any info on this item?

"Another jersey, this one a new one with new sponsors that are totally
behind floyd."

Mike Jacoubowsky

Feb 23, 2007, 6:34:54 PM2/23/07
> Got any info on this item?
> "Another jersey, this one a new one with new sponsors that are totally
> behind floyd."

Basically Saris, the medical center that worked on his hip, and I think
there were a couple of others. Might be more info on his website, but I
didn't mean to imply it was a team forming behind him.

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