Where can endorsees show off the endorsements their badge classes have received?

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Nate Otto

Sep 10, 2014, 6:17:51 PM9/10/14
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Great Endorsement call today, everybody. This reminds me why I'm excited to wrestle with these issues. Hopefully I didn't blather on more than anybody wanted to hear. ;)

One point of contention came up on about what issuers should do with the endorsements that they've earned. There's a challenge, in that, though we are designing a metadata prototype that enables endorsement information to be embedded into a badge class, but most endorsements will be created long after badges are published and issued

Something I suggested on the call that Serge had mentioned before, is that issuers could update the criteria page for the badge to display information about the endorsements it received since it was originally published. Carla and Deb had concerns about this, feeling that the criteria page is just for criteria and should be an unchanging record of what it was when the badge was issued.

I agree that it would be wrong to change the criteria themselves, as presented on the criteria page for human viewers, but I am not so concerned about adding additional information like received endorsements after the fact.

I think we should consider how the criteria pages are being used at present. Issuers are using them as a page that describes what badges are available in their system. Essentially internal badge directory. See http://aquapons.info/badges/skills-badges/ for examples. These are the criteria pages this listing is linking to. The criteria pages shown here already serve multiple purposes -- one of them being showing humans general information about the badges, another being displaying criteria. I don't think it would be much of a stretch (and probably out of the control of the Endorsement WG what the issuers do with that page anyway)

In the programs we studied at the DPD Project, one very useful principle for designing badge systems was to use the badges to map learning trajectory; that is, show learners where they can go and how far they've come. Potential earners are an important audience of criteria pages, and this audience may be near as important as eventual badge end consumers.

Do folks on this list have any suggestions on how endorsements could be surfaced (made visible in public at the moments when people would find them useful) if they're issued after the badge classes were created. We can also think about ways products like badge directories could be involved in this process.

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