Scheduling the Chivalry Social

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Clayton Neff

May 4, 2023, 8:07:12 PMMay 4
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For several years I have felt that the Chivalry Social at Lilies should NOT be scheduled on the same day as the public tours. We are not showing ourselves in the best light by having people see a bunch of one-on-one training sessions. They can see that at any local fighter practice. They have come to a war, so they should see war fighting. I would propose that the Chiv Social move to Saturday afternoon. That still gives people a chance to arrive and get set up first, and provides the public a more impressive view of what we do.

Additionally, I think it is a mistake to schedule the Fist Spear and First Axe tournaments after any other fighting, whether it be melees or the Chiv Social. And since there seems to be some impetus to have them on the first weekend rather than the last, I would suggest they happen Sunday morning, with melees for public viewing afterwards. This allows those fighting in them to be fresh, without them having to skip participating in other fighting that day. Maybe even encourage the new Firsts to organize the fighters for the following melee scenarios (whatever they may be).

I realize that it may be too late to make this kind of change this year, but I would like people to keep it in mind while participating in these various activities. We cannot cram everything into the weekends for those who cannot be there during the week. We cannot cram everything into the last half of the war because many people who have been there all week are packing to leave. We cannot cram everything for the first weekend as lots of people cannot get there in time. We must think about who the various activities are for, and how we can maximize the benefits for them.

-- Logan --
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