b2evolution 3.0.0-alpha SNEAK PEEK

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Walter Cruz

Jan 28, 2009, 11:06:19 AM1/28/09
to Grupo B2evolution
Para quem quiser testar a próxima versão do b2evolution, antecipadamente.


Segue abaixo o e-mail que o François mandou. (Se o Sérgio usasse
twitter, teria recebido o aviso no twitter do b2evolution! rá!)
Tem uma lista das novidades. Algumas coisas que estão no CVS ainda não
entraram: eu estou vendo se é possível eliminar a idéia de linkblog e
ter os links inclusos no próprio blog, sem a necessidade de incluir um
outro blog pra isso. Está feito no CVS, possivelmente aguardando
revisão dos outros colaboradores. O Afwas adicionou um calendário
jQuery pra fazer uma seleção de data num item lá, substituindo o atual
(e feio). Tem mais alguma coisa que eu não lembro também :)

Se tiverem como instalar isso localmente, reportar bugs e sugerir
coisas, seria bom!

b2evolution 3.0.0-alpha SNEAK PEEK available for download here:



This ZIP file is pretty much code freezed as of last friday so the
latest additions from the week-end are not included. Don't be mad I
spent the week-end debugging the most obvious flaws and I can do that
on a moving target.

If you check out the zip, please le tme know how it goes.

I expect to release 3.0.1 in about 3 weeks.


* General features
o User avatar support
o User fields support: MSN/Live IM, Yahoo IM, AOL AIM, ICQ
ID, Skype, Main phone, Cell phone, Office phone' Home phone, Office
FAX, Home FAX, Website, Blog, Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Myspace,
Flickr, YouTube, Digg, StumbleUpon, Role, Organization, Division, VAT
ID, Main address, Home address... (what else? ;)
o Featured posts let you have the latest featured post on
top of others with special formatting. (requires a skin that
implements get_featured_Item() )
o Intro posts let you content specific have intros on top of
your category and tag pages. Same for the home page. (requires a skin
that implements get_featured_Item() )
* Photoblogging
o It is now possible to select multiple images in the file
manager and either
+ create multiple posts (1 per image)
+ or create 1 post with all images attached
o Photo posts will be in draft status by default, allowing
you to add titles and comments before publishing.
o Photo index widget to show your latest photos in a blog sidebar.
o Support of "cropped" thumbnails (the image will always
fill the whole thumbnail area)
o Thumbnail sizes can be configured in /conf/_advanced.php
* Enhanced stats & analytics
o Complete hit log view
o Faster queries
o Goal tracking (TODO finish)
o Keyphrase analytics
* Performance
o Page level caching. Can be enabled for each blog
indivually (Advanced blog settings
* Admin interface
o Yabbarriffic drag & drop widget reordering (you can even
move a widget from one container to another)
o File manager now supports a shared directory (/media/shared/global/)
o Enhanced dashboard.
o Added usability shortcuts.
o Improved iPhone compatibility.
* Post editing
o Added "Save & edit" button
o Added 1 click "Publish NOW !" button
o Enhanced handling of attached images & files.
o Posts can be explicitely ordered by the use of the order
field. This can be set on each post in expert edit mode (in the right
o Post can now have custom fields. Custom fields can be
defined for each blog under "Blog Settings > Features".
o The issue date can now be set to an explicit date or just
to "now" in which case it will be updated without the need to
explicitely type in the current date/time.
o Urltitles (slugs) can now be up to 200 chars long.
o You can now specify a different title to be displayed in
the <title> tag than the regular title of your post
* Logging and stats
o Session and Hit logging as well as debug info display are
now done systematically at PHP shutdown. Therefore calls to
$Hit->log() and debug_info() are no longer needed within skins. (It
doesn't hurt to let them there either.)
o Keyphrase logging
* More SEO settings:
o Customizable 404 pages
o Customizable 404 responses (200, 301, 302, 303, 404 and 410 !)
o Description and keywords META tags are inserted into the
main page only to avoid duplicate content
* Enhanced blog by email (tilman)
* Reworked demo blog created at install
* Blog properties
o Longer blog name (up to 255 chars)
o Autogeneration of category/chapter slugs(url names)
* Bug fixes

- Walter

Sergio F. Lima

Jan 28, 2009, 4:34:22 PM1/28/09
to b2evolu...@googlegroups.com
Opa Walter!

Sábado vou instalar pra testes... até lá estou fora com acesso precário :-(


Sérgio Lima

PS: 1 dia depois não é um problema :-)
Sérgio F. Lima
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