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Vishwanath S K

Feb 10, 2022, 12:10:06 PM2/10/22
to Bangalore Astronomical Society
Dear All,

Official announcement of the next Star Party of March 2022

After a rather successful Star Party in January 2022, pleased to announce the next star party of the season for the first week of March

The star party being conducted by BAS is between 3rd to 6th March 2022. We usually do it in the new moon weekends to utilize the maximum of the dark skies.

In this Star party, we will be organizing Messier Marathon on the night of 5th March, during which participants are encouraged to observe all 110 Messier Objects  and log the observations in a format, from dusk to dawn, either with their own equipment or in a group.

Upon registration, you can start to prepare for the trip - reading about astronomy, preparing to packaging your gear, spending time with Stellarium (or star charts) and understanding constellations in the night sky, preparing observation lists and/or targets to shoot (if you are into AP) etc.

3-4 days before the actual travel, we will share exact location, route maps, to assist you in travel.

Please watch out for carpooling options too. You will be added to a smaller Telegram group for coordination (temporary), in which you discuss further discuss details.

Please do read the instructions in full, as the guidelines keep changing (Govt). And also to understand the facilities and options available. Please complete the registration only if you are 100% confirmed of going.

The link to register is here.

See you at the star party.

Vishwanath S K

Feb 21, 2022, 4:48:32 AM2/21/22
to Bangalore Astronomical Society
Hello All,

Gentle reminder, The registration for the Star Party of March 2022 is still open,
We have a good response so far.. Hurry up and register, before its too late.

Sudhash Natarajan

Feb 26, 2022, 3:48:23 AM2/26/22
to Bangalore Astronomical Society
Dear All,

The registration for the star party in March 2022 stands closed, as we have hit the limit.

Thank you all for registering.

Hopefully, weather permitting, we will have a star party in April 2022 & see you there.

BAS Team

Feb 27, 2022, 12:57:21 AM2/27/22
to Bangalore Astronomical Society
I couldnt register for the March star party due to another event that got postponed to April now. I am afraid if that would again conflict with the April star party. Is there anyway 2 can be accommodated for the March party ?


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