ALL softwares / tools available for computing in Tamil and other Indian languages...

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Viswanathan (a z h a g i . c o m)

Jul 31, 2009, 9:15:48 AM7/31/09
to azhagi google group
Dear Friends,
Warm greetings!
As and when your time/interest permits, kindly please have a look at I have done whatever best possible by me (as of now) for spreading awareness of ALL softwares/tools available for computing in Tamil and other Indian languages, with links to all of them. This is apart from informing about them to others through personal mails, phone calls, etc. too, as ever.
It's my thanks-giving and 'awareness-spreading' page for ALL available softwares/tools (both commercial and non-commercial) so that many more get to benefit by using these softwares/tools, since, in my past 10 years' experience, I have seen that 1000s and 1000s are not yet aware of such softwares/tools, though they are in need of the same.
A link ( Other Softwares | Tools ) for the aforesaid 'indic.html' page has been given at the top right of website and also from within Azhagi software itself. i.e. every visitor of or user of 'azhagi' software has ready access to all softwares/tools available for Indian language computing.
I have written/mentioned about the abovesaid 'indic.html' page in some of my earlier mails also. But, not sure whether everybody would have read them. Also, new members perhaps may not have read those mails. Hence, I have written again. Thanks, for sparing your valuable time.
If possible and if your time/interest permits, kindly spread the news of the abovementioned softwares/tools in the best way possible for you...
With sincere prayers for the welfare of all beings...

kind regards
viswanathan, love all serve all,

katpadivaradarajan arulalan

Jul 31, 2009, 11:23:57 AM7/31/09
Dear sir,
Thankyou, very much. Due to extreme workload I am unable to continue my typing. But I have advised my staff to carry on the work.
with love and prayers
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