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Feb 7, 2021, 9:35:59 AMFeb 7
Might be worth having a look at my website  The section on the Towns and Parishes might and their history might be of interest.


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Colin Affleck <>: Feb 05 10:00AM -0800

Hello all.
I'm new to Ayrshire History but it looks very interesting. My particular
interest is the early history of the Shire. At the moment, this means the
Barony and Parish of Auchinleck. What I am collecting are the names of the
various villages and hamlets which would have made up the Barony and Parish
before modern times, roughly the 16th century.
But its slow going. There is a ton of stuff after about 1504 when the
Boswells became the Lords of Auchinleck. But before that when it was held
by the Lords Auchinleck of Auchinleck? Not so much.
So far I have only collected the names Temple Auchinleck, Pennyland,
Cronberry and Boghead though there must be many more. Any help with this
much appreciated.
Duncan McClue <>: Feb 06 01:49PM

The first of the Auchinlecks was Nichol de Achethlec mentioned in the
ragman roll (1292-7)--another spelling of the name is Nicholas de Hagenlek
whose mother was a Craufuird of Louduon castle who was the sister of lady
Margaret Craufuird of Loudoun ,the mother of William Wallace,therefore the
Auchinlecks were cousins of William Wallace. The lands of Auchinleck were
granted by the first Stewart to a vassal who assumed the name from the
local place name
On Sat, Feb 6, 2021 at 9:24 AM Colin Affleck <>
Duncan McClue <>: Feb 06 02:02PM

Sorry Colin ,but it looks as though half of my reply has went missing, if
so contact me and I'll send it again
Duncan McClue <>: Feb 06 01:41PM

nd Nether Keithstown and Rogerstoun. The only place name remaining is the
farms of Rogerton. Keistown was granted a burgh of barony and was allowed
to hold a lamb fair every year.The lambfair was held in the north of the
town while the church was in the south splitting the village in two.
Further north was Templetoun. These all joined to-gether to make Auchinleck
as it is to-day.
On Sat, Feb 6, 2021 at 9:24 AM Colin Affleck <>
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