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Brian Lacy

Dec 15, 2018, 5:35:24 PM12/15/18
to AXMA Story Maker
As an IF enthusiast and software developer, one of the more tragic aspects of this medium is the loss of art over time.

Stories are often written in semi-proprietary formats, and become unavailable or require conversion when the engines powering them become obsolete and can no longer be viewed. Equally tragic to me, however, is that the engines themselves are lost as proprietary tools are no longer available for download. A perfect example of this is VaryTale -- to my knowledge it is not currently possible to either view a VaryTale story in its intended format, and the tool itself -- being strictly web-based -- seems to have gone away entirely.

I noticed you haven't updated AXMA in some time. I wondered if you'd be willing, now or in the future, to contribute it to the open source community, so that others may enjoy and benefit from your work in the future, and so that the software itself -- having as much intrinsic artistic value as the stories it powers, in my view -- may live on forever, whether you continue development on it or not.

How about it? Will we see AXMA on GitHub someday?

Hanon Ondricek

Jun 25, 2019, 11:41:02 AM6/25/19
to AXMA Story Maker
Way late to this - AXMA has beeen updated to a new JS format. 

See - The page is in Russian but there is an English section, and the page will Google-translate. 
The new JS manual unfortunately isn't in English yet, but if you know JS, it's likely the included macros will help enough to get you going.
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