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Manikandan Balasubramanian

Nov 20, 2022, 5:34:20 AM11/20/22
to AWX Project

Hi Folks,

Thanks for the AWX office hours. I went through the recording and other videos listed in Ansible AWX community. The videos were helpful in giving clarity of some of the designs followed in AWX. We are running AWX version 21.4 in AKS cluster. At our application we observe a below issue:

When AWX control pod restarts, it seems like it abandons the previous control pod's AWX EE pods, i.e. it seems like the new AWX control pod does not detect the already running AWX EE pods. Would it help if we move the redis cache from in-memory to cloud(azure redis cache)? Is there support for this in AWX? If there is, if we have multiple AWX replicas, and all having redis cache in cloud, would there be sync issues across the AWX instances? I understand that if we did move to a cloud-based solution from in-memory, the latency would be higher.

Thanks in advance.


AWX Project

Dec 2, 2022, 1:55:16 PM12/2/22
to AWX Project
You mean the job pods that are running? If the AWX services are restarted, those jobs will be marked as failed. Under what conditions is the awx control pod restarting for you? upgrades?

AWX Team
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