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Сергей Судиловский

Oct 12, 2014, 8:53:14 AM10/12/14
Can you give some tutorials for awe6?

I find this links:

But i think what it so old.

And project developing?

Rob Fell

Oct 12, 2014, 3:25:24 PM10/12/14
Hello, the tutorials you link are still valid.  awe6 is a semi-mature framework (5+ years) and tends not to change too much as a result, so anything you find is likely still relevant :)

As for more tutorials, we understand the request however awe6's design is intentionally abstract to allow it to be used with many platforms and workflows - so often a tutorial needs a concrete scenario.  What would you like to do specifically?

Regarding the project developing; recent efforts were focused on mobile web (HTML5) with great results.  There are many options for View: Dom, OpenFL, CreateJS.  The latter is my preference and the supplied awe6 CreateJS driver includes many workflow helpers that extend the excellent core CreateJS library (e.g. asset manifests, macro preloader, automatic muting & pausing, fullscreen resizing, gui abstraction for easier porting etc).  It can be used with Canvas or WebGL for browser across mobile and desktop and can be (optionally) wrapped by CocoonJS for mobile app publishing - making it a very diverse and powerful driver with a minimum installation / dependency base.  For anyone entering the space today, I would recommend using the supplied CreateJS template as the launch point.

I am unsure who else is actively developing using awe6, but at my studio we use it to build dozens of promotional games each year for familiar consumer brands, and a few indie games on the side.

Сергей Судиловский

Oct 12, 2014, 4:17:54 PM10/12/14
Hello. Thank you for the answers.
I'm new in Haxe and i can't make a choice about game frameworks But i saw more engines and awe6 i like so much.
And i can't understand principles.
For example: How create a sprites and take output in screen. :))
I know, that it is so easy, but i cant understand.
I read so much more info about awe6 and cant understand it and need tutorials for beginners. :)

Sorry for my english. Its not my native language. :)

воскресенье, 12 октября 2014 г., 23:25:24 UTC+4 пользователь Rob Fell написал:

Rob Fell

Oct 14, 2014, 11:53:22 AM10/14/14

Hello, gamefromscratch's article (which you linked) is probably a good basis towards getting a simple moving sprite on screen iirc.  They're using OpenFL:

If wanting to dig into some code, perhaps take a look at the demo suite in the GoogleCode SVN.  I'm pointing people to HTML5 / CreateJS these days, so specifically look at:

Sphere has a _context (effectively the DisplayObject) within which other DisplayObjects can be added.  In this example, a Bitmap is added (which is supplied by AssetManager, via a url from the Assets macro).
Anything from the DisplayObject down is specific to the target (in this case CreateJS' displayList).  So to use Spritesheets or similar refer to CreateJS documentation.

The same applies for other targets such as OpenFL - i.e. the specifics aren't in awe6's scope.  Just add things to _context.  The respective OpenFL sources are:

Thank you for the questions.
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