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bryan rickertsen

Dec 5, 2011, 6:56:53 PM12/5/11
to Away3D.dev
I am having a problem making a swf load other swfs properly. I am
using a series of swfs as levels in a game. The first swf loads as
expected but when subsequent swfs are loaded, only the text fields are
visible, but the Away3D content other than AwayStats is not visible.
The same logic worked using an earlier version of Away3D 4 that I
downloaded in May, 2011, and ran in the incubator version of Flash
Player 11. However, when I updated to the current version of Away3D
and compiled the game with Flex sdk, in order to run it in
Flash Player 11.1, I now encounter the problem. I am attempting to
run it in Internet Explorer 9.0.3. The swfs all load properly when
loaded directly from html.
I reported a problem with the same symptoms last May, but in that
case, we discovered that the Away3D content was displaying properly,
but it was behind a solid colored stage-sized symbol. Making the
symbols transparent solved that problem.
A folder with all of the code and a compiled example of the problem is
available at
See SwfLoadProblemNotes.pdf in the folder for explanation.

I hope someone can see my mistake.


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