Autolab Project

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Welcome to the Autolab Project announcement mailing list! We will be using this as a channel to inform you of major releases of Autolab as well as any other important updates to our project.

Here is a list of useful resources that you can utilize as you start exploring (and hopefully start using) Autolab!

Join our Slack! to chat with the Autolab Team and other Autolab users!
Autolab Documentation for information on how to set up a running Autolab + Tango instance
Use this Form to let us know of your Autolab Deployment :) 

We have three main products under the Autolab Project: 
If you find any bugs, please file an issue in the issue tracker on the respective product pages. We constantly monitor activities on our Github pages.

If you have any queries about the project itself, chat with us on Slack, or reach us at

The Autolab Team @ CMU