severe back pain..not normal kind

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Oct 6, 2011, 12:58:59 PM10/6/11
I started having severe back pain in middle of night...not like bad mattress or sore from stacking wood. It is aching/burning pain from my lungs down to butt.  I have had kidney issues in my past and know it is possible but not running high fever. 
i know that just laying down is bad so i still have walked the dogs with taking my break through pain pill...helped. I even tried muscle relaxant  as well as my normal lyrica...and i am on pain patch. 
 Hot bath worked the heating pad...but other wise it just constant aching burning pain at about 7/8. I could not sleep hardly at all last night. 
 I do have hernia and ruptured  disc in lower back....but have not done anything to irratate them and they hurt different than this, they are more specific. 
 I appreciate any ideas on what might be or how to help relieve the pain. Thank you loree
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