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May 9, 2011, 2:08:52 AM5/9/11
to Autoimmune Support Group
I live in small town which is great for crime and the beauty. But
trying to find specialist Doctors is really a pain. LOL!!
I was traveling over an hour to the 1 of 2 doctors are Rheum Doctors.
First was only one i been seeing for last 10 years than he got partner
4 years ago....think he needs another partner. He only really takes
you seriously if you are in hospital or bound to be in hospital...and
since I live hour away, I end up in hospital here without his care.
I been trying north of here in Oregon. I had appt last fall and
finally was able to get in and see the new doctor in April due to
snow(roads closed). Oh my ...i kept saying to the staff, i want a
doctor that will treat me as a other words listen to me,
take me seriously and suggest ideas than we decide together the best
plan for me.
OH NO...this doctor did none of those things though i said it to
him....i finally said...after hour of answering all his questions and
hearing how he does not agree with American tests stats on what means i realize he is going to re run every dam test i ever had to
see what is wrong with i do not know.
So i said...sir,, i do not think you heard me..he says what?!! I said
i do not think you were listening to me as I asked.
YOU INSULT ME!!..that was all i heard for next half hour...than he
refused to be my doctor but did not have the guts to say it to my face
but made the check out person tell me.
So does anyone have ideas how to eliminate bad doctors without having
to go in and waste both our time? That was why i kept saying to staff
every time they had to cancel how I really wanted a doctor easy to
speak with and would treat me as equal..etc.
They kept reassuring me...well once I saw how their office was set
up, the women out in front never even speak to him or any of the
doctors on daily basis so how could they possibly know.

Also why are so many of the groups with name lupus porn sites in this
google groups?
Has lupus become such a common illness that many people are searching
for health answers and than hopefully they check before clicking on
any old lupus group or they are going to get a
horrible shock!!??
Hope someone has ideas for me....problem is that i had excellent
doctors before i moved to this small town...a great group of doctors
who all worked well together.
I now have been having my gp run basic tests but he says i must have
Rheum doctor because he wont know how to help me if i get sick and
need to go in hospital plus he just does not know how to deal with a
lot wrong with me.
So i really need to find one....just want someone nice not care
if they are rocket scientist
I will do a lot of the research etc.
thanks for any help someone can give me...any!!!


May 9, 2011, 10:03:16 AM5/9/11
Lg, My suggestion for you is to find a Rheum doctor at a University
Hospital. They are usually on leading edge research, run clinicals and I
have found, they will do anything to help you. I have only tested positive
1 time for Lupus. But I have a Sarcoidosis Doctor that He is 1 of 2
Physicians in Ohio and I wouldn't change him for the world! He is located
at Ohio State University. So my suggestion is check there. It may take you
a long time to get in..but be patient, waiting will pay off!
I know how how frustrating it can be not to be listened too. Just keep
looking for the right Doctor they are out there.

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> Please be advised that this support group is moving to our new forum. It
> is now one stop shopping.
> See ya there!

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