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Austin CyberSpace Journal #1

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Max Cray

Mar 1, 1993, 4:24:53 AM3/1/93
Did you folks see this?


From: wixer!gumby (Douglas Barnes)
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Subject: Austin Cyberspace Journal
Date: Sun, 21 Feb 93 18:17:27 CST
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Austin Cyberspace Journal Newsletter


There will be a meeting of *all* interested parties in Austin Cyberspace
Journal (ACJ) at the High Time Brain Bar and Tea Gym (314 Congress) on
March 8 from 6-8 p.m.

For those of you who just joined us, this is a concept I am working on for
an ACTV (and beyond!) show about "cyberspace" as viewed from here in
Austin. I use the term in an extremely broad (and possibly meaningless)
sense, but it sounds good.

"Meeting" is sort of a misnomer, because what I plan to do is have everyone
bring themselves and any video equipment they have to do some practice
interviews, try out some ideas and see who has a knack for what. Given enough
equipment, everyone can have a chance to try out a couple of different crew
positions and be the talent (if so desired).

WHAT TO BRING (in order of priority):

* Yourself
* Your ideas and sense of humor
* Your video equipment
* Your electronic music/musical instruments/cyber toys/props, etc.

I'll be providing one 3/4" rig w/lights, mics, etc., another group member
might bring one too. I'll be staying to cover the "poetry slam" that starts

I will (hopefully) doing some more serious work that same Thursday, March 11,
also at High Time, from 6-9. Feel free to come by then.

How to contact me

E-mail (all forwarded or checked daily weekdays)

My telephone #s are:
244-8450 (Tandem)
478-3836 (Home)

My mailing address is:
504 W. 24th St. #30
Austin, TX 78705

Good News!

We now have usable letterhead and will shortly have business cards for the
show. Let me know if you want a card, and what you want your title to be.
(Of course, I may ask you to live up to the title you choose... :-)

Most Wanted List

* More humorous segment ideas
* People to write/direct humor segments.
* Talent in front of the camera in general.
* Names of potential donors of graphics rendering equipment,
editing equipment that doesn't have to be reserved 3 weeks
in advance, etc.
* Tripods for all the handheld cameras people have (if you have
one but didn't mention it, let me know)
* Names/addresses of companies likely to send us graphics demos
* Better place to do interviews than High Time or my house


Last Thursday I met with representatives from the Robot group, and we really
hit it off. They already have extensive footage of robot-oriented events,
which will be real helpful. We have been invited to do in-depth coverage of
RoboFest in May, and they are interested in people to help with video aspects
of their demonstrations. Let me know if this is one of your interests.

Various EFF members have expresessed varying degrees of interest, to
performing small celebratory dances to calm approval. Although this show
is *not* an EFF production I certainly look forward to working with them
in many ways. Also, I intend to join EFF-Austin if anyone will explain
how to pay my dues...

I have been making a lot of progress on animation, and a number of other
folks seem real interested in this too. I will probably have my first (rather
crude) animation on Content Neutral this next Thursday night at midnight.
It involves dancing vegetables.

The foundation strategy for the serious segments is going to be a process of
building up footage of interviews with local and national people on a number
of subjects that can then be used for multiple episodes of ACJ. Please let me
know what subjects you consider interesting/important/funny for asking
semi-well-known individuals in the net community.

Current Idea List

Your ideas could appear in *this spot* in the next newsletter, if you would
just send them to me...

Current basic question list (questions to pick from to build up footage
for the first 12 episodes):

Is the net just a giant black hole for time? (what does this phenomenon
do for you that couldn't be accomplished otherwise, how to deal with
signal/noise probs, etc.)

What do you see as the future of "the net"?

What, in your mind, is the biggest popular fallacy about: cyberspace,
"the net", VR, telepresence, etc.

Just what the heck is cyberspace, and should we even bother using that
word until we have jacks in our heads?

What level of access to "the net" should be considered a "basic service"
that should be affordable by all? Should the government continue/
extend/change the way it currently subsidizes these activities?

Poss. misuses of virtual reality (what do you think consitutes one, do you
think it's a problem, what do you think of this video of VR wargaming)

What do you think of current legislation regarding copyright felonies,
the current spate of BBS seizures, the actions of the SPA, etc. etc.

Do you think hacking should be a crime? At what level should it be what
kind of crime?

What computer games (if any) do you play? (esp. multi-player)

Are you addicted to any aspect of computing? Do you need a 12 step
program? If so, will your higher power be electronic, organic or

Have you ever dated someone you met first electronically?

What do you do *besides* computer stuff?

Serios/semi-serious segment/sub-segment ideas:

Genes as digital information; similarities between problems experienced
with "digial convergence" of other technologies and the recent bouts
of patenting genes. Who owns the human gene pool? Do I own my own genes?

Interview the nearest SPA people to get their side of things

Coverage of: Robofest, Cyberspace Conference, EFF events,

Austin Public Net/Austin Local Net etc.

Legal corner (short bits of info)

SS harrassment in Pentagon City

Rusty and Eddies case (as info develops)

Weird little episode recently with Emmanual Goldstien



Multi-player game development here in Austin; the folks behind the screen

Cyber toys (Paco, et. al. with neat/weird stuff, possible serious seg.
debating efficacy)

Romance on the net

Meatspace update (quick rundown on where/how to interact with
net.folks in meatspace, i.e., regular events, social gatherings,
restaurant hangouts, etc.)

Cyberspace lifestyle/entertainment (lifestyles of the young
and geeky? Probably take this into humor.)


Stupid BBS tricks (a brief chat with the sysops of unusual BBSs,
suggestions welcome)

The Usenet Weather Report (sort of like Weekend Update on SNL, but
about Usenet and with more of a weather theme: I am actively
recruiting talent for this, as well as people to pick out juicy
weird "meta news")

Wireheads Anonymous (a 12-step program for addicts of
virtual reality; looking for talent, scripting)

Name that flame (I can name that flame in 3 sentences...)

Jihad! (ACJ brings you the "religious" wars of the net, sort of like
Point/Counter Point as done by SNL but featuring typical stuipd
quasi-religious flamewar subjects and changing talent)

Letter from the Editor


Given the name of the show, it's going to be a real trick to come up
with a name for a newsletter *about* the show... the obvious ones
sound sort of goofy, like Journal-Newsletter Herald-Tribune Times-
Picayane, or (gasp) American-Statesman. Your suggestions are welcome.

I'm sitting here in the middle of my computers, my TV, stereo and
VCR, all interconnected to the point that I'm in continual danger of
tripping or electrocuting myself with a single misstep. When I try to
mix in the ACTV gear it's going to be a real hazard unless I take steps...

Got to get this thing out; the idea section is still not fleshed out
with all the ideas because I've run out of time for typing them all in.
But it can and will be expanded on with your kind assistance.

I hope to see as many of you as possible on March 8, if you can't make
it, and are serious about wanting to help, give me a call or send me
e-mail to set up a meeting.



-= Max =-

The ideal home computer is a network.

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