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Gary Brodsky

Nov 22, 2008, 7:43:53 PM11/22/08

I have spent the last few months studying and researching
everyone else’s work on seduction and picking up women.
These guys have their heads so far up their ass, that if they
fart they'll blow their brains out.

Cause here’s what I found out. All of these jerk offs, and
I mean each and everyone of them, and you know who they are,
teach the same thing in different retarded ways….basically
how you can appeal to women. If you've bought
their stuff, you know what I'm saying is true.

Here’s the big difference between me and my techniques and
all these other guys. I don't teach you how to throw
yourselves at women. In fact, quite the opposite.
Those of you who know me, know that throwing yourself at
women is suicide. Many of you end up contacting me
because you have thrown yourself at women and now
they are using, not loving you!

I teach you how to have women throw themselves at you.
I don't teach you how to become a stupid fuckin clown doing
magic tricks to impress some stupid cunt. I teach you
how to get women throwing themselves at your feet, not
the other way around. You're a man God damn it and
women want MEN!

I show you the right way, not turn you into some asshole juggling
oranges in a bar to get some girls attention. I teach you
how to have fun and enjoy women fawning all over you, not the
other way around.

My game is simple. Women are out there everywhere you
go and would love the chance to chase someone worthwhile, not
some guy walking around a nightclub with a pineapple
shoved up his ass to get attention.

Am I politically correct? I think you have figured it out by now.
No. Again, you're a man God damn it. I'm never going to advise you
on my CDs or books to sit in a chat room typing all kinds of bullshit
so that eventually you can fly in some fat pig -sight unseen, that
lies about her age, her weight and everything else, leading you
to believe wow, you did great while she’s sitting there drooling, with
her rolls of fat pouring off the couch that she’s sitting on.

And if that wasn't bad enough, she gives you a list of requirements
about what she expects out of the relationship while you are sitting
in the other room holding the bible they have in the hotel room
repeating to yourself I rebuke thee Satan, I rebuke thee Satan.

Instead, I developed a program of romance CD’s that is designed to
show you how to get women to treat you like the king that you should be.
And I'll make it quite simple here. Get these romance CD’s because you
don't need to sit behind a computer screen to meet women. You see
quality, beautiful women every day. They are all over the place; at
work, on the bus, the store, the gym, next door and
they ARE looking to meet a man like you. Why shouldn't they be yours?

And, before you even ask. The answer is yes. These CD’s and books
really work. I promise that you will stop sitting around worrying about
how to deal with women. I will show you how to turn the tables so you'll
make the women figure out how to deal with you.

There’s nothing wrong with you right now. You just need
a few tips…..the right ones, that is!

And listen, these other so-called dating coaches……promise
you techniques to get a phone number? Let me tell you something.
You don't need her fuckin number to become her personal mechanic,
Mr. fix-it around the house or her new best friend. You want a date!

Yeah man, a real date with romance, kissing and getting laid.
You don't have to wonder how anymore.
Get these CD’s. They will show you how.

You can get the other guy’s stuff, and at best get the phone number of
some attitude case who thinks she’s hot shit because she has
a shave down below and probably has halitosis too. Yeah, you'll
have her number and boy will she have yours. Problem? You'll still be looking
for that date! Don't waste your time and your money with someone
who can only commiserate with you but who can't really help. I promise
and deliver answers and solutions that work; not for some, but for
anyone willing to give it a shot.

Check out the opening page on my web site. Get some romance and power
let’s turn your situation around now. Do it today, before you find
yourself pussy whipped by some girl and you're wondering what
the hell went wrong and how the hell this happened to you.

I hear about this all the time.

I don't care what you look like, how much you earn or what your
circumstances are right now. I WILL show you how to seduce and
pick up women and believe me…..there is nothing in the world that will
make you feel better and “pick you up” more than your own
beautiful woman (or two or three)!

You're not a dick. You're a man. So stop worrying and
start living by ordering your CD’s you don't have.

Go to:

Or download right now at:


Gary Brodsky


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