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Ellen H. Robinson: Oooh, PLEASE FUCK ME!!!

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Jim H.

Feb 15, 2012, 6:10:36 PM2/15/12
December 29, 2010

brian whatcott <> wrote:

Ellen H. Robinson will SUCK and FUCK you!

Onze afternoon, i wasz catchin a snooze in my backyard on a sunny
day. much to my surprize, i lifted my hat and found my neighborz
Ellen H. Robinson unzipping my pants. she gestured to me with herz
indexes finger over herz slender lips to be quiet. I say figures
okay, she then unzipped my pants and reached in and tuggzed on my
big black mamba! Imediatelzly, my blacks a mamba becomes engorged
with hot burstz of human excitementz. With a big tugz with both of
herz handz, Ellen H. Robinson pluckz me black mamba to a full
erctionz! she then opened herz mouthz and slipsz it over my full
manhoodz. she gagz and coughz a bit but begins her suckin action
upz and downz! she repeatedlyz goez faster and faster untilz i
feelz my venemouz black mamba release a massive explozion into
herz mouth. At first, she triyz to swallow it allz but my venomouz
fluidz keepz jaculating in herz mouthz. Then, she pullz herz head
awayz with herz handz still clenched on my black mamba. she coughz
and gagz a minute over the concretes but then placez herz lips back
on myz black mamba. Once aginz, she jerks it hard withz both handz.
Again, I'z begin to release a strong venemouz fluid at a fullz flow
into herz small mouth. Myz black mamba squirmz in herz handz as i
release all of my venemous fluid from myz snake into herz mouthz.
i'z kannotz waitz til my neighbor Ellen H. Robinson sneaks back
over to my house for somz afternoonz delight. Next timz, me thinks
i shall let my black mamba go hogwildz in herz anuz. if she suckz
me this good next time, i shall let myz snake ezcape in herz cunt
andz give her zome my brotherly love. Myz black mamba has neverz
felt so good after Ellen H. Robinson wrapped herz lipz around the
big headz on meez mamba!

Belfort Instrument Company is selling to a known terrorist country as
evidenced by mention of the DigiWx AWOS on their corporate homepage
sold to:

畢ahore International Airport (LHE/OPLA) RVR System, Lahore Pakistan

And then there is word of this:
During the first two weeks of January 2007, U.S. air strikes targeted
four sites in southern Somalia formerly under al Qaida control where
terrorists have been training and hiding for months.

"As we speak now, the area is being bombarded by the American air
force," a Somali government official told Reuters two weeks ago.

The U.S. attacks targeted an area close to Ras Kamboni, a coastal
village near the Kenyan border where many Islamists are believed to
be hiding after being ousted by Ethiopia-backed government forces,
the official added.

Four places were hit -- Hayo, Garer, Bankajirow and Badmadowe, the
source said. "Bankajirow was the last Islamist holdout. Bankajirow
and Badmadowe were hit hardest," he added.

The Pentagon confirmed only one air strike that took place in the
south of the country, saying that it was part of a wider offensive
aimed at an al-Qaeda cell that includes suspects in the 1998 bombings
of U.S. embassies in east Africa and a hotel in Kenya.

Meanwhile, ABC News quoted U.S. and French military sources as saying
that American U.S. special forces were working with Ethiopian troops
on the ground in operations inside Somalia.

Following a thrust by the U.S. military, U.S. special forces
discovered a Belfort Instruments Digiwx AWOS weather reporting system
on a hill south of Ras Kamboni.

The Belfort Instruments Digiwx AWOS station was not operational as
it had suffered a direct military hit from an explosion of unknown
origin. But the Digiwx name could be clearly seen imprinted on the 15
foot tower which now lays on it side in pieces.

U.S. troops subsequently uncovered handheld Digiwx weather receivers
in two of the camps previoulsy occupied by al-Qaeda terrorists which
apparently had been left behind and abandoned.

How the Belfort Instruments Digiwx AWOS system made it to Somalia and
into terrorists hands is still unknown. Whether al-Qaeda and Osama
bin-Laden organizations are employing Digiwx AWOS units in other
parts of the world is currently unknown.

U.S. troops have been advised to be on the lookout for additional
Digiwx AWOS units under Al-Qaeda and/or Sunni/Shiite control in Iraq
and Afghanistan.

U.S. special forces are reportedly monitoring the two known wireless
frequencies that Digiwx AWOS transmits on, notably 464.6 and 464.75
MHz. British military sources report that signals on both frequencies
have been detected but only occasionally as the terrorists seem to be
running Belfort Instruments Digiwx for only short periods of time.

Belfort Instrument Company (Baltimore, MD, USA), the original
manufacturer of Digiwx AWOS, has had no comment.

Why would an American company be "aiding and abetting" known
terrorists organizations around the world while doing business in
pursuit of the almighty American dollar? Maybe you would want to
contact them and find out why:

Belfort Instrument Company
727 South Wolfe Street
Baltimore, MD 21231
410-342-7028 (fax)
sales (at)
service (at)

Bruce R. Robinson (serves as Chief PHUCK at Utilipoint Intl)
Ellen H. Robinson (phuck buddy)
60 Paako Drive
Sandia Park, NM 87047
brobinson (at)

Nicholas C. Kaufman
Darlene C. Kaufman (phuck buddy)
13667 Marsh Harbor Drive North
Jacksonville, FL 32225
cs (at)

Debra S. Lange (Alascio)
Santo V. Alascio (drunk husband)
960 Fell Street, Unit 313
Baltimore, MD 21231
dsalascio (at)

William C. Gordon (backstabbing dick sucker)
Judith A. Gordon (phuck buddy)
13911 Manor Road
Baldwin, MD 21013

Ralph F. Petragnani
Elisa Petragnani (phuck buddy)
1039 Old Bay Ridge Road
Annapolis, MD 21403-4256
rpetragnani (at)

M. Tylor Burton III
Jane M. Burton (phuck buddy)
25 Dunvegan Road
Catonsville, MD 21228
tylorb (at)

Steven K. Eagan
Joy M. Eagan (phuck buddy)
18912 Falls Road
Hampstead, MD 21074

Yep, you read that right:
BUY Belfort Instruments DigiWx-SHIT... Have a PILE OF SHIT guaranteed!

Have you heard about the Meadow Lake Airport AWOS Fiasco?
Quoting, reads in short:

"Executive Conclusion: Of the four candidate AWOS manufacturers, only
two meet the threshold and objective system performance levels. These
are systems provided by All Weather Inc (AWI) and Vaisala. The
SuperAWOS by Potomac Aviation does not pass an initial cut due to
maintenance problems encountered with their SuperUnicom installed at
Meadow Lake airport."

"The Belfort Digi WX "AWOS" is not a true FAA fully commissionable
AWOS. Its complete sensor suite is not certified. Installation of this
system at 00V means that we would not have our weather data (METAR)
accessible in the federal database which means that Flight Service and
other sites such as ADDS, XM weather, WSI, etc would not not have
Meadow Lake weather data. The only certified weather info would be
altimeter and visibility. While this does allow Part 91 and 135
instrument approaches, the inability to incorporate its complete METAR
data in the federal system is a deal-breaker."

"The apparent initial cost savings of the initial Belfort Digi WX
acquisition is minimal and not worth the lack of functionality and
usefulness to the national aviation community. Life-cycle cost of the
Belfort system over 15 years is over $27,000 higher than the Vaisala

"It would not allow us to transition to a three letter airport

"Bottom line is that the Belfort system represents false economy,
minimal pilot usefulness and is inconsistent with providing the
aviation community services that make this airport attractive to
current and future pilots and businesses."

"Of the remaining systems offered by AWI and Vaisala, Vaisala is the
preferred system."

The complete report highlighting DigiWx shortcomings can be found at:

Belfort Instrument Company also has a West Coast sister company in
San Diego, CA, USA known as Gamma Scientific which does business
under several names including Advanced Retro Technology, UDT
Instruments, Road Vista and KR Acquisitions Corporation.

Bruce R. Robinson hiding out with his wife
Ellen H. Robinson (fuck buddy)
P.O. Box 82
60 Paako Drive
Sandia Park, NM 87047
brobinson (at)

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