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Gary Brodsky

Nov 23, 2008, 6:51:36 PM11/23/08
Dear Mr. Gary Brodsky,

Regarding you appreciating your
customers, you are more than welcome.

But I should be thanking you.
I will not tell you my whole life story.
let's just say I was as pussy whipped,
effeminate, and emasculated as a man can
possibly get.

After living a life of failure with women,
and somehow attracting controlling women
to myself (as if I had a sign on my forehead that read
(loser), I decided enough was enough.
being a two time divorcee, paying child support
for three children, I decided I had to
do something different.

You have taught me more than all the other
"pick up" web sites.
I bought 9 of your seduction
and domination CDs.
and guess what Gary.
I fully control every woman
that now enters my life.
Gary, it is so crazy.

I mean, they want me to control them.
the more I demand of them,
the harder they try to please me.
it blows my mind.
sometimes, I literally get dizzy.
I don't know whether to laugh,
or cry.

They long to do whatever I want.
I now have two fiances
they both know about each other, and
I get them to do threesomes.
and any, any, any and everything else I demand.
plus I told them to find me more wives!!!
Gary, this is so crazy.

I bought your ultimate collection,
and I haven't even listened to it all yet.
if just nine of your CDs has gotten
me two totally submissive, subservient
women, who both live and breathe to serve me,
I'm afraid to think of what listening to
your entire collection is going to

The crazy thing is that all of this has happened
I literally reign and rule
the lives of any and every woman that
comes within ten feet of me.
here's the craziest thing!!!!!!
they know that I listen to your CDs!!!!!!!!!!!
oh my God!!!!!

I figured they would probably get angry
and bitch and demand that I stop
listening to your CDs.
they want me to listen to your CDs!!!
they want me to be the man that rules them!!!
before I got these two women,

I dated one particular woman and she
offered to buy me your entire collection!
she said she didn't want a wimp,
and that she would be happy to buy CDs that
would teach me how to rule her!!!!
is all of this real?
is this really happening?

I am engaged to two women!!
who both refuse to let me go!!!!
they would rather share me
than to let me go!!!!!!
is manhood really becoming
that extinct??
that women will gladly share
one man, before they settle for
a wimp who they can have all to themselves??

man, I thank you.
and I know you can feel my sincere thanks
in this letter.
thank you dude.
I am quite happy now.
I don't just use your teachings
with women.
dude! I use your teachings
in business deals!!
there was a time, I would accept the
the first offer or be too afraid to
walk away from a deal.
guess what Gary?
now - when I demand something,
I GET IT!!!!!!

Thanks Gary Brodsky.
I'll let you know what happens next
after I start listening to your
ultimate series.

Yours truly,
John Taylor
Life Is Good in Georgia

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Best to you all,

John Taylor,
a very very satisfied customer


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