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Pierre Laporte, Minister of Unemployment and Assimilation

Aug 14, 2013, 4:59:36 PM8/14/13
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Media Madders.Lie wrote:
> "A Chicken in Every Pot and a nigga in Every Woodpile"
> Humans Under a Dictatorship (HUD) New 'Fair Housing' Rule Establishes
> Diversity Data for Every Neighborhood in U.S. To ensure that "every
> Africoon is able to choose to live in a community they simply feel
> entitled to," HUD has published new Federal Housing Regulations
> intended to give fecal colored critters access to White neighborhoods
> instead of the ones they have totally niggafuckated like Detroit. The
> goal is to destroy "Fair Housing Barriers" and "establish clear
> quotas" for "integrated living patterns and overcoming evil RACIST
> patterns of Segregation."
> "These Executive Rules represent the Obama Golliwog Government's
> approach to Housing, a step ensuring that every Africoon is able to
> choose to live in a hitherto unspoiled community they have not yet
> despoiled - where they can expand their typical nigger lifestyle,"
> said HUD Commissar Shaun Donovan. "For the first time ever," Donovan
> added, "HUD will provide NSA Data for every neighborhood in the
> country, detailing the access Africoon Americoon, Mexicoon, Dunecoon,
> Spicks, Gooks and other fecal colored parasites have to the assets of
> White Humans, including schools, jobs, transportation, and other
> important neighborhood resources that they will pillage to continue
> destroying the ephemeral 'Middle Class'."
> According to HUD, the HNIC'S solutions include "helping 'diversities'
> gain access to White neighborhoods and channeling welfare handouts
> into underserved areas." The Federal Mapping Tools will dictate
> Development and Zoning decisions. In a July 16 speech to the NAACP,
> Donovan said the American Dream still isn't within equal reach of all
> coonmunities. He lamented the lack of Diversity in America's
> boardrooms, schools, and the nation's "decent neighborhoods." "We have
> got to shape a future where special opportunities are available for
> all Africoons," Donovan said. Historically, for nignogs, the effort is
> too difficult, making it harder for them to reach the so called Middle
> Class." Donovan said HUD's new neighborhood busting technique, which
> uses the Federal Census Data, will "expand access to White
> neighborhoods and draw niggers to under-infested communities."
> "Make no mistake, this is a big fucking deal," Donovan said. "With the
> HUD budget alone, we are talking about Billions of Tax dollars. They
> will be used to expand niggafuckation and bring communities down to
> ghetto levels." Under the Fair Housing Act, HUD requires cities that
> receive Federal Funds to "affirmatively further fair housing." Under
> the new rules, the neighborhood data provided by HUD will be used to
> evaluate patterns of integration and segregation, racial and ethnic
> concentrations of poverty, and access to "valuable community assets."
> HUD wants to know if existing laws and policies -- such as zoning,
> financing, infrastructure planning and transportation -- create, or
> perpetuate RACIST Segregation. The new rules explicitly incorporate
> fair-housing decision-making into existing planning processes and
> "other decision-making that influences how communities and regions
> will be forced to Diversify."

That is the stated goal of Valerie Jarrett, spouted through the
mouth of the arab faggot sitting in the Oval Office of these
United States of America.

Americans, how low will you crawl for niggers?


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