More Questions Emerge About Skewed Hillary Polls

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Jul 13, 2016, 9:11:53 PM7/13/16
Simply put, as The Daily Bell notes, given the post-Email-gate
disapproval ratings...

A majority of Americans disapprove of the FBI’s recommendation not
to charge Hillary Clinton with a crime over her handling of email while
secretary of state, and a similar number in a new ABC News/Washington
Post poll say the issue leaves them worried about how she would handle
her responsibilities as president if elected.

Most also say the email controversy won’t affect their vote in the
presidential election. But 28 percent say it leaves them less likely to
support her, versus 10 percent who say it makes them more likely to do
so. -ABC Poll

Pro-Hillary Clinton polls don’t make sense.

In fact, polling with such tiny samples doesn’t make sense anyway, but
coming on the heels of other questionable polls favoring Hillary, this
widely quoted poll only seems to raise further questions.

The poll, above, has been widely cited as presenting a negative picture
of Clinton.

But as it attempted to question “younger” Democratic voters, perhaps the
results could have been even worse than they were.

Maybe it is normal to seek out younger age groups, but certainly younger
voters may be seen as even more emphatic in their preferences than older

Alternatively, younger voters might have been less apt to pay attention
to the questions, or more more malleable and eager to provide answers
they felt would be seen as appropriate. In any case, emphasizing one
demographic over another may be seen as injecting additional bias into
the results.

It’s been pointed out that younger voters are often supportive of Bernie
Sanders rather than Hillary, but these questions dealt directly with
whether or not Hillary’s behavior changed voting decisions.

The answer was dramatically “no.”
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