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t.u. behavior - never fail's to fall below your expectations, no matter how low you set them (was: Aggie Behavior on Thanksgiving

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Lane Wimberley

Dec 2, 1996, 3:00:00 AM12/2/96

Chuck Herrick wrote:
> Albert Nurick wrote:
> > Remember the righteous indignation of Mr. Herrick and other Aggies on
> > this newsgroup following some UT students' celebrating after the Texas
> > win last year in College Station?
> >
> > Remember the lengthy discourse describing the celebrating UT fans as
> > criminal, and the Aggie Corps cadets who assaulted them as justified?
> >
> > Since respect for Kyle Field is so important to certain Aggies, we'll see
> > if they live up to the standards of behavior they demand of others. It'll
> > be interesting to see how the Aggies "show respect" for UT's stadium, and
> > what the "Aggies can do no wrong" contingent on austin.general has to say
> > about it.

Help me out here, guys. This thread is giving me a bit of an identity crisis.

> Yes, it will be interesting to see
> just how vile the tea-sipping
> t.u. contingent will behave on

I graduated A&M, yet I'm rather fond of tea.

> their own hallowed ground, since
> values and standards are in such
> short supply in the little

I'm now in the graduate program at UT, and am also a representative in
ISO. Maybe I'm not doing my job... ?

> college here in Moscow on the
> Colorado.

My wife's from Moscow. I've been to Moscow. This place is
nothing like Moscow.

("Moscow on the Colorado" - Chuck, you made a funny I bet you didn't
even catch!)

> It will also be interesting
> to witness the boundless and
> unconstrained mumblifications
> trotted out to justify
> the debaucherous and moral-free
> behavior of the children
> of Texas' Lib'ral extremist
> wing.
> And a hearty happy Thanksgiving
> Day to all.

As my ancestors said to the European newcomers some 500 years ago,
shortly before they were raped and massacred: "Happy Thanksgiving,
Y'all! Enjoy the bounty, but take it easy on the land, will ya?"


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