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David J. Lambert

Sep 21, 1996, 3:00:00 AM9/21/96

> >I may be moving to Austin from Dallas (for work), but I would need
> to live in an >area with reasonably clean air (due to asthma.)
> You have asthma, and you expect to find relief in the Austin area?
> That is like saying you don't like it in the frying pan because it's
> too hot and you think maybe that jumping into the fire will give
> relief -- it probably will, but not in the way you think. Austin is
> called by a large majority of allergy sufferers who live here "The
> Allergy Capital." If I were you, I would try moving to a climate
> where it is cold and dry as a change from hot and humid (which
> applies to both Dallas and Austin).

Austin is only getting worse for asthma sufferers because of the increased
pollution due to automobiles. That, the cedar,ragweed, and other pollens, the
mold spores, and humidity make Austin (and Central Texas) a bad place for
asthma sufferers.

Try Alaska. My doctor told me it's the best place for an asthma sufferer to



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