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Re: Cumming in warm Jew Pussy... Mmmmm... So nice....

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Amanda Cohen

Sep 2, 2021, 8:40:03 PM9/2/21
In article <>
Robert Boner <> wrote:
> Just hooked up with this 29yo married JAP (Jewish American
> Princess) I met on Tinder. I'm 52yo but look like early 40's.
> I've never fucked Jew pussy before so this was new to me.
> Holy oyyy veyy!
> Her fucking cunt was so wet and hot I almost came just licking it.
> So I've fucked her 7 times already and it just gets better every
> time.
> The best part is her husband, a diamond trader, is always away on
> business so I get to fuck her in their marriage bed which is also a
> turn on. And doing it bareback is even better. She doesn't like
> condoms which is fine with me.
> My advice is to check out Tinder because there are a lot of Jew
> girls on there looking for nothing more than to get fucked.

I'm on Tinder!

Come take me for a ride.

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