Rosanna Arquette boasts about turning down movie role over Texas abortion law - but it doesn't end well: 'Thank you TEXAS!'

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Mistake Harris

Sep 11, 2021, 7:35:04 PM9/11/21
Amid outrage over the Texas abortion law, Hollywood actress
Rosanna Arquette boasted Friday that she turned down a new movie
role that required filming in the Lone Star State.

Arquette joined a growing list of Hollywood celebrities who have
voiced outrage over Texas’ law, and the Supreme Court’s decision
not to block it.

What did Arquette say?
“I’ve just turned down a film I love cause it shoots in Texas,”
the 62-year-old actress tweeted. Arquette, however, did not
reveal which movie she allegedly “turned down.”

Arquette later demanded a boycott of any company that does not
vocally oppose the Texas abortion law.

“Boycott all companies based in texas that do not speak out
against the despicable draconian evil that is happening there
Boycott them all .their tax dollars fuel this s*** so Boycott
them Now not one cent to support them no matter what,” she said.

“The fury and rage we are feeling is powerful ,I love my warrior
women who will never let this madness sustain. People who’ve
signed off on this draconian barbaric legislation and male
driven companies and corporations who continue to fuel it beware
your time is gonna come,” Arquette later said.

What was the reaction?
While many praised Arquette’s decision, her comments drew a
mountain of mockery and criticism — especially from Texans who
expressed satisfaction that Arquette would not be coming to
their state.

“The film will be better without you! And so will Texas!” one
person said.
“Oh no. What will ever do? How will we survive? Oh no. Please.
Stop. We can’t go on,” one person mocked.
“How about that: an unexpected benefit of the Texas law, this
time for the entire nation,” another person mocked.
“One less crazy liberal in Texas. Yippee!!! Maybe we can get the
ones that live here to move out of the state as well. That will
be a win win,” another person said.
“That’s OK. It’ll save you the embarrassment of no one really
watching it anyways,” another person said.
“How will the film industry survive without you? Especially when
your last relevant role was when 8 tracks were still cutting
edge,” one person mocked.
“Bulls***. No one has offered you a film in twenty years,”
another person said.
“[W]hew, that was a narrow escape
for Texas,” another person
“That’s OK.
Most people didn’t even know you were still around,” one person
“Thank you TEXAS!” one person exclaimed.
“The benefits of the abortion restrictions keep rolling in…,”
another person mocked.
“The new Texas law has unexpected benefits. It even improves the
quality of entertainment,” one person reacted.
“It’s hilarious the sense of self importance our celebrities
have. I mean…. Nobody gives a F**k,” another person said.

On Saturday, Arquette continued her angry tweeting, comparing
Republicans to Taliban terrorists.

“The Taliban terrorists are in America and have been for some
time they just call themselves republicans,” she said. “Soon
many Americans will be refugees.”

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