Old Kariong Deviation and Peats Ridge Rd (Expressway) Remnants

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Adrian Biankin

Jul 28, 2021, 6:55:14 AMJul 28
to Aussie Highways
A few weeks ago, I took at trip around my area. I first took a look at the old Kariong Pacific Highway deviation, which still has the original pavement and white (and even yellow) road lines. After that we drove down to the Calga intersection, and took at look at the old Peats Ridge Rd (Expressway) overpass. After that, we drove up to the Somersby intersection, and went down onto Dog Trap road. We stopped at the old Dog Trap Road overpass and took some pics.

Kariong Deviation:
Peats Ridge Rd (Expressway):
Dog Trap Road Overpass:

I found these locations through Exploring the ol' ozroads.com website.


Jul 28, 2021, 12:10:15 PMJul 28
to Aussie Highways
Oh wow, had no idea there even were any remnants at Kariong. Great photos mate! Love seeing old abandoned bits of road.

Paul R

Aug 2, 2021, 12:18:22 PMAug 2
to aussie-...@googlegroups.com

Hey Adrian,

Great pix. Sam and I went through there in 2008 together, but prior to that he'd been there a few times. I remember using these roads as a passenger in dad's car in the 80s.

Looks a tad more lost to nature than it did in 08 though :)

There's also some interesting but unused rock cuttings / channelisations on Dog Trap Rd, a short distance the freeway overpass too, near some farm and an old RTA stockpile. Neither of us could work out what they were used for or planned to be used for.

Paul Rands
WWW: http://www.expressway.online/
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