Need help finding where this Victorian sign is from

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Kay Blythman

Nov 5, 2023, 2:31:26 AM11/5/23
to Aussie Highways
A year or so ago a mate of mine brought around this old sign he found by the side of the road (image attached).

It's one of the old "hanger" style signs, with BLACKBURN RD. on the street name and a MR13 shield attached below by way of a bracket. It's been ripped at the bracket end, and the colours are faded somewhat (not retroreflective either). Finally, the MR13 shield is actually double-sided. There are still a few of these types of signs floating around Melbourne and there are a couple I've seen on Blackburn Road.

I'm wondering where the sign might have come from, because I can't figure it out. I've scoured every inch of Blackburn Road and there is no trace of the stub. Old GSV photos also don't give me any answers. 

Also, the double-sided MR shield seems quite rare - similar arrangements I've seen have only had single-sided shields.

My friend said he'd spotted it lying in a ditch off Highbury Road near Springvale Road. So naturally I assumed the sign was from the intersection of Blackburn and Highbury here. But the sign I was thinking of is actually still there.

The same setup is also found at the intersection of England Road and Blackburn Road near the Monash here (photo from 2010). More recently, this sign has been ripped off its pole as seen in newer images. This sign was different however, looking more faded and using a different bracket on the bottom.

This is quite a mystery - I'd like to see if anyone else can provide some insight as to the origins of this interesting sign!


Kay Blythman

Nov 5, 2023, 2:32:36 AM11/5/23
to Aussie Highways
PS: Forgot to mention that my friend added the chain/holes on the top himself after finding it. 

Paul Rands

Nov 5, 2023, 9:20:54 PM11/5/23
to Aussie Highways Mailing List
Ooooh very nice. It’s always good when they come off the mountings.
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