Does B110 have to do anything with C110?

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Jun 14, 2021, 1:38:56 AMJun 14
to Aussie Highways
Having a look at Google Maps, I noticed that B110 and C110 are in completely different spots, with one being in northern Tasmania and the other in the Central Highlands. Is there any history affiliated with this, or is it just one of Tassie's stupid mistakes. I know tassie also has an A10 and a B10, but unlike this they're parallel, like M23/A23 or the UK. And if the reason is, it was out of zone it makes sense, but all the C11x are in the north, and them running out of B routes isn't really a good reason, since there's a bunch of spare numbers after 68.


Sam Laybutt

Jun 14, 2021, 10:05:29 PMJun 14
The short answer is no, there's no relation between B110 and C110.

B110 seems to have been numbered such as they ran out of B1x numbers - B10 through to B19 are all used. Why they chose B110, I don't know. The two routes are far enough away I don't think it causes any navigational issues. 

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