Guideline for resuming kendo, Iaido, and Jodo practices

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Jun 23, 2020, 4:38:19 PM6/23/20
to AUSKF News

Dear AUSKF Member/Regional Federations:


Greetings !   I hope everyone is in good health.  


Covid-19 forced us to lock down our activities, and many of you are wondering when and how you can resume the practice.  AUSKF has formed a committee to set the guidelines.   Please find the attache guideline and handout for your use. 


The situation in the US has not improved as in Japan or Europe, but many businesses, restaurants, and sports gyms are re-opening in many parts of the country.  The initial complete lock down was necessary to minimize the risk of virus transmission while too many things were unknown about this virus.  With increasing knowledge and experience, CDC has been revising the guideline to mitigate the risk of virus transmission.  We should be able to resume part of our practice at reasonably low risk provided we follow the guideline. 


Generally speaking, a practice with small number of people in large, clean, well ventilated space for short time, wearing mask, keeping distance (6ft) without facing each other and/or talking in loud voice should be safe.  Screening of participants should be done, and whoever wants to participate should avoid contracting the virus in everyday life by following the usual precaution.  


Please distribute this to all dojo reps in your federation, so all members can read the guideline and fully understand before resuming the practice in your area.  Our country is so large, and situation differs from place to place.  You will need to set your own guideline to mitigate the risk.  Also attached is the questionnaire sheet to be used for your convenience.   Please contact me for any further questions or concerns.  


Thank you and stay safe!



Michio Kajitani



AUSKF Covid questionnaire.pdf
Guideline to resume practice June 22, 2020.pdf
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