Important Message from Tagawa sensei regarding training during the Covid-19 outbreak

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May 7, 2020, 1:34:00 PM5/7/20
to AUSKF News

Dear AUSKF Presidents and Members,


I hope you and your family are all safe and in good health.

Please distribute this message to your members.


Infectious COVID-19 is rapidly spread all over the world, and the US is the worst now.  

Every state issued a state of emergency and I’m afraid everybody has had a hard time.

National championships, youth open championships, seminars, and high-ranking examinations which were supposed to be sponsored by All United States Kendo Federation were postponed and canceled.

Kendo is an interpersonal competition. Following the CDC guidelines, to prevent clusters from occurring, daily training in the dojo has been canceled.

Interpersonal training has been canceled, but I recommend doing individual training. (solo training = Hitori Keiko).


It is important to maintain good health to overcome COVID-19.

 Walking or jogging is recommended on fine days. Proper exercise helps our metabolism, reduces stress, and improves our overall health.

 It is important to reduce mental/physical stress. Since stress reduces the immune system, it is necessary to devise ways to avoid excessive stress.


For one-person training (Hitori-Keiko), if you cannot swing a Shinai because of the ceiling, you may sit straight (Seiza) and swing (Suburi). For those who find it difficult to sit for a long time, sitting on a chair is also recommended. Originally, it is important to coordinate your hand, waist, and legs, so when the weather is nice, do it (Suburi) outside.


I think it is important that we make this a time for reviewing our own Kendo from the basics. I found videos of KENDO Fundamentals on YouTube which were issued 25 years ago by All Japan Kendo Federation, so I attach them to this mail.  I, myself watched it, practiced it, and used it as a reference for teaching my students. Kendo practice includes Kihon-geiko (basic practice), Uchikomi-geiko (strike practice), Ji-geiko (sparring), Kikitori practice (Listening and learning), Mitori Practice (Watching and learning), etc. YouTube has a lot of Kendo competitions, practices and instructions. How about learning from them when you have time?


The following video begins with wearing a Kendo-gi, Hakama, and Bogu (protectors) as well as Reiho (courtesies), and contains Kendo fundamentals. Though it is a little old and a few parts of it need a few additions, I am sure it will be your good reference.


1. All Japan Kendo Federation Video I (1/3)


2. All Japan Kendo Federation Video I (2/3)


3. All Japan Kendo Federation Video I (3/3)


4. All Japan Kendo Federation Video II (1/3)


5. All Japan Kendo Federation Video II (2/3)


6. All Japan Kendo Federation Video II (3/3)


7. All Japan Kendo Federation Video III (1/3)


8. All Japan Kendo Federation Video III (2/3)


9. All Japan Kendo Federation Video III (3/3)


Kendo must be learned from the correct basics. Did you find them helpful?



In addition, we received information from All Japan Kendo Federation that they launched a social media campaign to support people who are engaged in hitori-geiko (solo practice) and reading by utilizing “Bushishi”, the Kendo promotion character.

If you are interested in this campaign, please access the following URL.

The COVID-19 forces us to live a life that we normally do not, but we must overcome this. It tends to be negative, but let's try to accept everything as positive. There is no tunnel without exit. Now is the time for patience. " Ima wa Gaman no Toki "


I hope that everyone will be able to practice with their friends in the dojo, sweat a lot, and exchanging words with a happy smile.





Yoshiteru Tagawa

All United States Kendo Federation, President

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