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Sylvia Else

Jun 28, 2022, 3:01:19 AMJun 28
I cannot remember the title of this play, broadcast on TV, nor exactly
who was in it. Perhaps someone can recognise it from a brief synopsis.

As play opens two men, clearly the worse for drink, are heard arriving
home. The wives are unimpressed by their lateness.

But a short while later, a further two men, also the worse for drink are
heard arriving home, and appear.

It's then apparent that they are duplicates of the first two. After a
bit of discussion, it is realised that one of the two pairs had played
with a matter duplicating machine that their employer is working on.

Thereafter the two pairs plot against each other, determined to be the
last standing. However, it is eventually remembered that things created
by the machine have a limited existence.

In due course, the members of one of the pair become briefly
transparent, though still alive, before vanishing completely.

The remaining pair are thus content, until one of them says to the other
"I can see right through you", which he meant literally. Thereafter both
he and the other disappear.

The wives are left despondent.

Then we can hear two men, clearly the worse for drink, arriving home.


So, does anyone remember this, what it was called, and/or who was in it?


Trevor Wilson

Jun 28, 2022, 5:40:53 AMJun 28
**I am unfamiliar with the play, but I would suggest that it sounds like
a Twilight episode. How old do you think the show was?

The wives were despondent losing drunken husbands?

Sounds very unrealistic to me. Pure fantasy.

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Sylvia Else

Jun 28, 2022, 7:11:42 AMJun 28
I don't think the intent was that the husbands were perpetually drunk,
just after an office party.

It was definitely a UK production. Probably 1980s.


Trevor Wilson

Jun 28, 2022, 3:48:13 PMJun 28
**Sounds a bit like a series that aired sometime in the late 1970s,
early 1980s I used to watch. It was cheaply made and use of video tape
was obvious, as opposed to film. I can't recall the name of the series
though. It seemed to be the UK's answer to The Twilight Zone. Very dark,
as I recall. Maybe IMDB can help.

Sylvia Else

Oct 24, 2022, 12:09:43 AMOct 24
Strange how these things get resolved. Quite by chance, I looked at a
video about Richard O'Sullivan, and despite skipping almost all of it,
spotted a short clip in which the person he's playing vanishes.

It was called "The Giftie". Of course, now I've provided spoilers. Sorry
about that.

John Wells was also a main character, yet despite searching his
filmography previously, I failed to spot it. Perhaps the title didn't help.


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