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How long could someone survive??

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Feb 19, 2019, 3:51:35 AM2/19/19
Today, I continued my replaying of the ST:TOS DVD's, viewing Series Two,
Disk 4 which included "The Gamesters of Triskelion" in which Kirk, Uhura
and Chekhov, whilst supposedly about to be transported to so Planet, get
kidnapped and end up on Triskelion, where they are to be trained to
fight in the Roman-Colosseum-type games.

Meanwhile, back on the Enterprise, a search is being carried out, to no
avail. Spock then states that they have carried out a through search and
it was time to look elsewhere, to which Dr McCoy responds with a
question something like "Can people survive that long with-in the
Transporter (equipment/beam/whatever)??"

Scotty spend 75 years stuck in in a transporter buffer for the ST:TNG
Episode "Relics",
so was this an accident, a desperation measure or just a fluke that
worked, sort of, in Scotty's favour??

(In responding, please note the Cross-Posts!)
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