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Rightmark Cpu Clock Utility Serial Number

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Arline Masullo

Dec 2, 2023, 6:01:02 AM12/2/23
Each section is quite details. For instance, the CPU info section includes the CPU model, the CPU core, revision number, signature, special features, core clock speed, CPU load, Throttle, OS load, core temperature, plus some multiplier and v-core information too.

Fixed OSPM settings getting reset on some systems (Windows XP and Vista).Fixed scrolling of the CPU performance states editor window.Fixed CPU performance states editor behavior when no P-states are available.RMClock PRO: Fixed immediate inactivation of actions with non-zero event activity time.

31 August 2007 RightMark CPU Clock Utility 2.30 released!
Changes to this version include (in reverse chronological order):New official EULA added to the installation package (in English and Russian languages).Improved design of the main CPU P-states table editor.Minor UI fix of the Advanced CPU settings page, Intel Core 2 CPU families.RMClock Updater: Fixed update installation procedure to handle updating of all files of an update package.Brand new UI design of the main CPU P-states table editor.Fixed battery tray icon context menu availability at program startup.RMClock PRO: Added new event type: calendar (one time only, daily, weekly).Added monitoring graph grid color selection.Improved drawing of the monitoring graphs with custom graph background.Changed default text color of CPU frequency, CPU temperature and Battery tray icons.Improved drawing of CPU frequency and CPU temperature tray icons: no transparency color restriction.Improved efficiency of P-states transitions logic with official AMD K8 PST schemes.Modified "CpuTempOffset" registry tweak format to allow per-core CPU temperature offsets.Fixed applying of Intel EIST enable setting at startup.Fixed custom power plan not being created correctly on Windows Vista.Fixed per-profile OSPM settings applying on Windows Vista.Added desktop/mobile Intel Core2 CPU type selection.RMClock PRO: Fixed "OS power scheme changes" event handling on Windows Vista.RMClock PRO: Added new event type: enter into system standby.Improved handling of incompatible registry settings (prevents sudden loss of the module licenses).Added new AMD K8 NPT CPU default P-states tables.Added support for new Intel CPUs (Pentium Dual Core, Celeron 4xx, new Core 2 revisions).Added support for new Intel southbridges (ICH8M and ICH9 families).Added process/thread realtime priority setting (as a registry tweak).Added advanced logging options to the Settings page.Unlocked "Hard C4E" option for Intel Core 2 CPUs.Fixed incorrect determination of certain Intel Core 2 CPUs as "mobile" ones.Fixed "Apply changes?" confirmation dialog problem on main window hiding/restoring.Added "check-after-apply" for the advanced CPU settings at startup.Added option to enable/disable battery devices auto-detection on insertion/removal.Added settings to force battery life time and charge/discharge rate estimation.Implemented per-profile manage OSPM setting on Windows 2000/XP/Vista.Added full-featured support for OSPM setting management on Windows Vista.Disabled OSPM settings tab when OSPM management is disabled.Changed OSPM settings format and appearance on Windows 2000/XP.Fixed "Disable OS CPU power management" setting on Windows 2000/XP.Improved AMD K8 CPU core temperature reading routine.Implemented "interactive" Apply button behavior in all property pages.Fixed AC power/battery icon resources loading when localization DLLs are used.Added handling of "TaskbarCreated" message on Windows Vista.RMClock PRO: Added new event type: resume from standby.RMClock PRO: Added new event type: power status change.RMClock PRO: Added new event type: OS power scheme changes.RMClock PRO: Fixed inactivation of currently active actions on disabling with a check box.Added Celsius/Farenheit temperature display setting.Added option to skip CPUID check (as a registry tweak).Fixed battery tray icon context menu availability at program startup.Added showing/hiding of individual Monitoring graphs.Fixed Advanced CPU settings (AMD K8, Transmeta) context menu positions.Changed copyright of all modules to match official company name.Moved combo boxes items to the resource strings (aids in localization).

05 April 2007 RightMark CPU Clock Utility 2.25 released!
Changes to this version include (in reverse chronological order):Fixed Intel Core 2 core name detection.Fixed battery device info display when a battery is not actually attached.Added startup profiles feature.Fixed UI pages position when starting in "collapsed" window mode.Improved recognition of Intel Core 2 family processors.Added logos for several really old CPU models.Fixed saving of battery icon display mode settings.Disabled "Hide OS power status icon" checkbox on Windows Vista.Added support for AMD K8 NPT revision G cores (model recognition not yet available).Added default P-states tables for several AMD K8 NPT processors (rev. F and G).Control routine now watches for the last requested P-state instead of current P-state (reduces management overhead on Intel CxE-capable CPUs).Improved official AMD PST management logic.Added new official AMD PST schemes involving 7x FID (2600+ MHz models) and full range of half FIDs (rev. G cores).Added automatic selection of AMD PST schemes depending on the CPU model.Added independent per-profile transition interval settings for up and down transitions.Added checking for actual battery device presence in the Battery devices page.RMClock modules: Fixed program crash at startup when attempting to use outdated modules.RMClock PRO: Fixed update of the profiles tree on profile deletion.Added option to lock chipset-based throttling settings on Intel Centrino/ViiV platforms.Changed design of the UI colors settings.Added automatic refresh of battery devices list on battery device insertion/removal.Added refreshing of Battery device details on Refresh button in the Battery devices pages.Disabled CPU selection tab in the CPU info and Monitoring pages on single-processor platforms.Minor changes to the CPU performance/throttle states control logic.Added requirement for clicking Apply button in the Profiles page for the profile changes to have an effect.RMClock PRO: Added instant update of events/actions when changed.Fixed display of Advanced CPU/chipset settings page on Intel Centrino/ViiV platforms.Fixed CPU core temperature indication as "N/A" on unsupported CPU models.Fixed list controls behavior on application window activation.Fixed determination of Intel Celeron M 400 series (Yonah core) processors.RMClock PRO: Disabled "New profile" button for non-supported CPU models.RMClock PRO: Fixed process handles leak.Redesigned application UI look.Added UI settings page.Added per-profile CPU threshold time setting.Improved management of OS power profiles/settings.Fixed applying of OSPM processor power policy.Added option for enabling/disabling OS power settings management.Added option for using Intel Core 2 PMC/ACNT as a source of CPU load level (as a registry tweak).Added option for attempting forced EIST unlocking on EIST-capable CPUs (as a registry tweak).Modified Intel Core2 CPU temperature indications (assumed 100 or 85 deg.C Tj(max), depending on CPU model).Added option for enabling/disabling battery devices polling.Added battery devices polling interval and battery charge/discharge rate averaging period settings.Moved battery tray icon menu to the Battery info page.Implemented independent monitoring of both AMD X2 CPU cores temperature.Removed AMD K8 thermal sensor/core select settings.Added AMD K8 TSC sync interval setting.Added registry/shell startup option.Added RMClockLauncher.exe for a more friendly launching at system startup on Windows Vista.Removed automatic extraction/deletion of driver files and RMClockHLT.exe.Added restart option to the main tray icon menu.Fixed CPU load graph display behavior in the CPU load tray icon.Fixed Performance-on-Demand animated tray icon behavior when only one P-state is used.RMClock modules: implemented smarter module activation approach.RMClock PRO: implemented new "Events & Actions" approach.RMClock PRO: added handling of both event activation and inactivation, with optional user-defined delay.RMClock PRO: added new event type: user input inactivity timeout.RMClock PRO: added new actions type: system standby, hibernate and shutdown.RMClock PRO: fixed inactivation of all events/actions when shutting down.RMClock Updater: improved functionailty (handling updates of RMClock modules).

22 November 2006 RightMark CPU Clock Utility 2.2 released!
Added support for localized application resources.Added RMClock Updates and RMClock Professional Features modules (valid licenses required).Added independent CPU info display for each physical/logical CPU present in the system.Added detection of several AMD K8 NPT (revision F) CPU cores.Added CPU temperature graph display to the Monitoring page.Added advanced chipset settings support for ICH8 family southbridges.Switched to using CPU hardware coordination facilities (ACNT) for CPU load and throttling determination on Intel Core/Core 2 family CPUs.Added options to enable/disable vendor-supplied CPU core temperature offset and specify user-definable CPU core temperature offset (as registry tweaks).Fixed saving of advanced platform settings on Intel Core 2 CPU-based platforms.Fixed log file creation in the application directory when using auto-start feature.Added support for Quad-Core Intel Core 2 Extreme CPUs.Fixed recognition of several AMD K8 revision E CPU cores.Fixed battery life time estimation on some platforms.Added support for mobile Intel Core 2 Duo (Merom core).Added CPU-dependent offset to Intel CPU core temperature indications.Added proper detection of AMD Athlon 64 FX dual-core processors.Added automatic detection of 4x FID availability on AMD K8 family processors.Changed design of Battery Info page.Added validation of individual profiles P-states settings when Master P-States Table is altered.Added battery charge rate averaging period (as a registry tweak).Removed &quo;No Management&quo; from -prevprofile and -nextprofile profile switching commands.Added time stamp to the logging information.Fixed delayed applying of command-line parameters.Fixed CPU load icon color setting (registry tweak).

18 October 2006 RightMark Memory Analyzer 3.72 Released!
Added support for quad-core Intel Core 2 processors (Kentsfield core)Fixed identification of AMD Athlon 64 FX dual-core and several AMD K8 revision E core namesFixed display of tRP/tRAS parameters in Memory SPD infoNew CPU Database entries

21 August 2006 RightMark CPU Clock Utility 2.15 released!
Modified application manifest to automatically acquire administrator privileges on beta versions of Windows Vista.Modified TM1/TM2 selection behavior, added TM1+TM2 mode when supported.Added EIST option change availability indication.Added complete support for Intel Core 2 processors.Extended CPU defaults option.Added AMD K8 dual-core TSC synchronizer functionality.Added CPU core temperature display for AMD K8, Intel Core and Intel Core 2 processors.Changed design of AMD K8 advanced settings page.Changed design of the Battery Info page.Increased battery subsystem polling interval (fixed problems with peripheral devices slowdowns), added option to disable battery polling completely (as a registry tweak).Fixed hiding Windows power status icon on localized Windows versions.Added support for power management of AMD K8 NPT (revision F) processors (proper VID tables).Added detection of new revisions of Presler (Cedar Mill) and Yonah cores.Added CPU signature display.Minor changes to maximal performance profile tray icon color.

21 August 2006 RightMark Memory Analyzer 3.7 Released!
New RightMark Multi-Threaded Memory Test included into the packageMinor changes to prefixed instructions decode testsAdded support for AMD Athlon 64 X2 NPT DDR2 memory controllerAdded support for Intel Core 2 processorsAdded support for Extended Performance Profiles (EPP) SPD extensionFixed AMD Athlon 64 X2 determination problemsNew CPU Database entries

7 July 2006 RightMark CPU Clock Utility 2.1 bug-fix release is available!
This release addresses the following issues found in the original RMClock2.1 release:Problems with changing display mode when the utility is running. Application settings saving on Windows session ending.

4 July 2006 RightMark CPU Clock Utility 2.1 released!
Changes to this version include (in reverse chronological order):Added battery life time and battery charging time estimation. Extended range of performance/power saving preference levels. Added option to display CPU load meter or CPU load graph icon. Fixed handling of Windows power management settings. Fixed hiding of Windows power icon when the power source changes. Fixed Intel Centrino platform chipset-based throttling settings. New design of battery level icon. Fixed battery level icon indication when battery life time info is unavailable. Added option to hide battery icon when on AC power and fully charged. Replaced CPU load meter icon with a CPU load graph icon. Changed CPU throttle output format in log file. Fixed Intel Centrino platform settings availability. Fixed tray icons operation with nonstandard Windows shells. Added option for the way of multi-core CPU load determination. Added option for the CPU performance states transitions method (single-step or multi-step). Fixed saving of some Centrino platform settings. Added preliminary support for Intel Core 2 CPU family. Added frequency icon units (MHz/GHz) selection. Added battery info page and battery status icon. Extended control/refresh intervals range (registry tweak). Fixed AltVID Change Enable issues on AMD K8 revision E platforms. Added AltVID stabilization time auto-adjust feature for AMD K8 rev. E platforms. Unlocked complete range of AltVID settings for AMD K8 rev. E platforms. Added option to show/hide main window button in Windows taskbar. Added new default P-states tables for most AMD K8 CPUs. Fixed saving of CPU info files and/or monitoring logs in a proper directory. Added new Intel logos for nearly all Intel CPUs. Modified P-states selection behavior (removed multiple states selectionwarning) for "Power Saving" and "Maximum Performance" profiles. Added option to enable/disable profiles selection with left-clicking main tray icon. Fixed occasional lockups at "multiple refresh" condition possible to occur when the system is under high load. Fixed Windows Power Management special cases handling (when Suspend or Hibernate states are not allowed). Fixed occasional lockups at program startup on AMD dual-core platforms. Added proper VIDs table for AMD Turion CPUs. Added unlocking FIDs, VIDs and TM2 target programming (as registry tweaks). Added Intel Centrino (ICH4/ICH6/ICH7) CPU thermal and normal throttling settings. Replaced animated icons for "Performance on Demand" profile with better looking ones. Implemented Master P-States table feature (shared by all profiles). Added VIA C7 PowerSaver technology support. Fixed bugs in Transmeta CPU support. Added CPUID check so that the profile settings won't load if the CPU mismatch is detected.

12 April 2006 CPU RightMark Lite 2005 v1.3 has been released!
New features:Increased number of objects by default so that Solver and Renderer modules run at comparable speeds.

31 March 2006 RightMark Memory Analyzer v3.65 has been released!
Changes to this version include: Extended maximal tested memory block size to 64 MB (all tests)Extended maximal segments count to 64 (cache associativity tests)Updated built-in test presets and batches with new block sizesAdded memory frequency display on test graphsAdded support for VIA C7/C7-M processorsNew CPU Database entries

1 March 2006 RightMark CPU Clock Utility v2.05 is released!
Changes to this version include:Added full support for Intel Core Duo and Core Solo (Yonah core) processors.Added support for new Centrino/Centrino Duo (Napa) platform with ICH7-M Southbridge.Implemented independent monitoring of every physical/logical CPU present in the system.Returned "animated icon" feature much requested by users.Added display options for the CPU Frequency and CPU Load tray indicators.Added option to turn off per-profile handling of Windows power management settings.Fixed AMD Athlon 64 X2 and Dual Core Opteron management.Fixed minor CPU Frequency indicator "1000 MHz" bug.Minor UI design changes.

17 February 2006 RightMark Memory Analyzer v3.62 has been released!
Changes to this version include: Added full support for Intel Core Solo and Intel Core Duo (Yonah core) processorsAdded support for Intel 945GM/PM chipsetsNew CPU Database entries

18 January 2006 RightMark CPU Clock Utility v2.0 is released!
Changes to this version include:Completely new user interface design, new icons.CPU frequency and CPU/OS load system tray indicators.Integration with Windows power management and standard LCD backlight interface.Flexible per-profile and per-power source PST, ODCM and Windows power management settings.Improved ODCM management with user-customizable throttle states table feature.New CPU performance level management logic allowing instant multiple-states PST/ODCM transitions.Determination and support for new CPUs: Intel Pentium D and Pentium Extreme Edition 900 series, Intel Core Solo and Core Duo processors (preliminary); new Intel logos.Support for "non-mobile" versions of ICH4 and ICH6 south bridges in Intel Centrino mobile platform advanced settings.New command-line profile-changing options (-nextprofile and -prevprofile).Fixed CPU frequency display on older Intel Pentium 4 models (Northwood/Willamette).EIST/DBS settings (Intel Pentium 4 / Pentium M advanced settings) are now always remembered, regardless of the "Remember these settings" option.Added user-definable delay (as a registry setting) to the management procedure start (on startup and resume from standby/hibernate).

16 January 2006 Bug-fix release of RightMark Memory Analyzer 3.61 available!
This release fixes memory frequency determination issue on AMD K8 platforms.

12 January 2006 RightMark Memory Analyzer v3.61 has been released!
Changes to this version include: Added determination of Intel Pentium Extreme Edition 955 and Pentium D 900 series (Presler core), new Intel Pentium 4 (Prescott) core revisions (G1 and R0), preliminary support and logos for Intel Core Solo and Intel Core Duo (Yonah core) processorsAdded support for Intel 975X chipsetNew CPU Database entries

14 October 2005 RightMark Memory Analyzer v3.6 has been released!
Changes to this version include: New, compressed RMMA Results file format (*.rmz)Automatic CPU Database results submission via SMTPDetermination of AMD Athlon 64 X2, Dual Core Opterons and Turion, new logos for AMD Athlon 64 X2 and AMD TurionNew CPU Database Update featureA lot of new CPU Database entries (thanks to the users support!)

16 September 2005 RightMark RAMTester 2005 (final release) is available!
Changes to this version include: Testing methods improvedMemory compacting function addedUI a bit changedNew i18n resources addedFull source code released with i18n kit

23 August 2005 RightMark CPU Clock Utility v1.7 is released!
Changes to this version include:New RTCore driver, support for Windows XP/Server 2003 x64 editionFixed Centrino Platform/ICH6-M settingsFixed Intel Pentium 4 illegal P-states being added to the tableFixed Intel Pentium 4 invalid current VID indicationProper Pentium 4 core frequency determinationNew Pentium M P-states table (removed bogus 7x FID)Removed -dump command-line option, feature moved to GUIAdded new settings for AMD K8 cores revision E and higherAdded support for AMD K8 dual-core processors (latest AMD driver required)Added separate Performance/Power Preference for AC and Battery modesAutomatic process priority lowering when no management is enabledAdded driver uninstall command-line optionNew P-States Table designFixed settings save on Windows session endingDefaults to "Use OS load-based management" on Intel Centrino platformsFixed possible lock-up when entering Susped state

23 August 2005 RightMark Memory Analyzer v3.58 has been released!
Changes to this version include: Support for Windows XP/Server 2003 x64 editionNew version of RTCore driver (32/64-bit) for compatibility with other RightMark productsFixed memory (total/row) size determination on AMD K8 revision E coresFixed CPU-Node index match for memory info on multicore/multiprocessor AMD K8 platformsMemory SPD info for up to 8 modules (workstations/servers)New CPU Database entries

8 August 2005 Bug-fix release of RightMark Memory Analyzer 3.57 available!
This release addresses potential issues with Memory SPD info not being updated correctly in the application UI.

5 August 2005 RightMark RAMTester Utility beta3 is released!
Changes to this version include: random method tunednew shuffle method addedi18n enabled and russian resource contained addedfull source code released

5 August 2005 RightMark Memory Analyzer v3.57 has been released!
Changes to this version include: Renamed "RAM Database" tab to "Express Info"Added System Info Report feature (as HTML file)Fixed applying themes when running RMMA not from a current program directory (i.e., when opening the associated Batch and Results files)Fixed calculation of bus clock on Pentium 4 systems with Enhanced Intel SpeedStep (DBS) featureFixed CPU index select behavior for memory info on NUMA platformsImproved detection of AMD K8 CPU cores including new Revision E onesImproved applying of CPU tweaks for all physical/logical CPUs at onceAdded automatic CPU database tests with results submission when the CPU is not found in the current databaseAdded NUMA platforms support to MemoryTest component

13 July 2005 RightMark RAMTester Utility beta version is released!
The RightMark Team is pleased to announce the new RAMTester tool that is meant for checking memory modules reliability under MS Windows (x86 and x64) on the example of virtual addresses. The idea of this utility is writing bit patterns into memory and then reading and comparing them with reference. The check performed is of qualitative nature. Since the new utility works only with free available physical memory at runtime, you can check any amount of memory that doesn't exceed this limit. The new utility works with SMP and HTT as well as various memory types, including SDRAM, DDRAM, RDRAM, etc.

21 June 2005 RightMark CPU Clock Utility v1.6 is released!
Changes to this version include:New P-States Transitions management with user-definable P-States table feature.New unified PST/ODCM management scheme (when both PST and ODCM are used).Single set of profiles for PST, ODCM and PST+ODCM management schemes.Added optional OS load-based management (a workaround for Intel Centrino platform).Removed "Run HLT command when OS is idle" option.Fixed restoring of Advanced CPU settings upon resume from Standby/Hibernate modes.Added more configuration options for AMD K7 CPU family.Added power management-related chipset configuration options for Intel Centrino platform (i855/i915M series).Added FID/VID transition stabilization time setting for Intel Pentium 4 and Pentium M processors.Fixed Transmeta LongRun Table Interface info.Added independent AC and Battery settings for Transmeta processors.CPU Load and Throttled Clock are now reported as "N/A" when CPU does not support necessary features.Added logging period limiting and log file "rotating" (when max logging period elapses and at the program startup).Added command-line parameters support (CPU info dump, profile change and exit commands).

17 June 2005 RightMark Memory Analyzer v3.55 has been released!
Changes to this version include: New, skinned UI design of RightMark Memory Analyzer and RightMark Memory Stability TestAdded checking for actual presence of x86-64/EM64T CPU featuresAdded recognition and logo for Intel Pentium D processorsAdded support for Intel 945P/G and NVIDIA nForce4 SLI Intel Edition chipsetsRewritten recognition code for AMD K8 CPU coresNew version of RTCore.sys driver included for compatibility with future RightMark products

17 June 2005 CPU RightMark Lite 2005 v1.2 has been released!
New features:Full support for x86-64 platform.Added new SSE+SSE2 and SSE3+SSE2 Renderer code paths (as x86-64 platform offers no native MMX support).

16 May 2005 Bug-fix release of RightMark Memory Analyzer 3.5 is available!
This release solves an issue with "Invalid CPU database header" error message at the program startup.

13 May 2005 RightMark Memory Analyzer v3.5 has been released!
Changes to this version include: New RightMark Memory Stability Test included into the packageAdded recognition and logo for Intel Pentium Extreme Edition 840 CPUAdded support for Intel 955X chipsetImplemented opening RMMA batches (*.rmb) and result files (*.rmr) as a command-line argument (e.g., rmma.exe tests.rmb)

3 May 2005 CPU RightMark Lite 2005 has been updated to v1.1!
Major enhancements to this release include:Further improvements to multi-threaded Renderer code featuring increased performance on SMP systems and newest multi-core CPUs with no performance penalty on existing Hyper-Threading technology processors.Increased number of parallel Renderer threads from 4 to 32.

19 April 2005 CPU RightMark Lite 2005, cross-platform edition for x86/IA-64 released!
CPU RightMark Lite 2005, cross-platform edition for x86/IA-64 released! Lite version main features / differences from "full" version:Features CPU Performance test only.No support for batch files for now.FPU/SSE2/SSE3 Solver and FPU+MMX/FPU+EMMX/SSE/SSE3 Renderer modules (no 3DNow!/extended 3DNow! support)Drawing into a window using system memory (cached/uncached modes), requires no DirectX hardware/software.Support for x86-64 platform is planned in the future.Full source code is available.New features:Imrpoved Renderer texture-mapping routines.Improved Renderer multi-threading (SMP/Hyper-Threading) support, fixed Solver module performance issues when running on a CPU with Hyper-Therading technology with multiple rendering threads.Automatic setting of Renderer threads count to the number of logical processors present in the system.

13 April 2005 RightMark CPU Clock Utility v1.5 is released!
Changes to this version include:Returned Balloon tooltips setting.Removed "Alternate CPU Load Determination" setting from APP UI.Added more configurational options for AMD K8.Added Transmeta LongRun Technology support.Added independent AC and Battery performance/power profiles.Added warning messages for settings that require application restart.Duplicated tray icon settings in the General tab.

4 March 2005 Bug-fix release of RMClock 1.4 available!
This release solves an issue with P-State Transitions management on mobile AMD Athlon XP CPUs (due to incorrect default Stop Grant Timeout setting).

3 March 2005 RightMark CPU Clock Utility v1.4 is released!
New features in this version include:Changed P-state transitions scheme for AMD K8 in accordance with official AMD recommendations.Added more advanced configuration options for AMD K7 and K8 CPUs.Added support for dynamic on-demand CPU clock modulation (ODCM) management.Added CPU thermal throttling alert.Added optional forcing of the Minimal power management profile when running on batteries.Added support for running an HLT command when the system is idle (a workaround for Intel 855 chipset series).Added CPU core and revision ID display.Added preliminary support for Transmeta CPUs.Added automatic startup feature.Grouped management-related settings into a new tab.

3 March 2005 RightMark Memory Analyzer 3.47 is released!
This version features:Added support for new Prescott and Irwindale CPU cores with 2MB of L2 cacheAdded processor number determination for Pentium 4 and Celeron D CPUsAdded CPU core revision determination for most CPUsAdded support for nForce4 SMBus controllerFixed lockup with AGP info on server platforms with no AGP supportImproved display of memory channels count/modeCPU logos converted to PNG formatNew CPU database entries

20 January 2005 RightMark Memory Analyzer 3.46 is released!
This version features:Support for Intel Sonoma platform (new Dothan core revision and Intel 915GM/PM chipset series)Recognition of new AMD64 90-nm WinChester coreNew CPU database entries

30 December 2004 RightMark Memory Analyzer 3.45 is released!
This version features:Added CPU-specific settings (tweaks) for Intel Pentium 4 family CPUsImproved recognition of Intel Xeon CPUsFixes to E7520 chipset supportFurther fixes to DMI infoNew CPU database entries

24 December 2004 Bug-fix release of RMClock 1.3 is available!
This release solves issues with FID/VID management on mobile AMD Athlon XP CPUs.

22 December 2004 RightMark CPU Clock Utility v1.3 is released!
This version features a lot of major and minor enhancements, which include:New (tabbed sheet) user interface design.Added CPU clock, load level and FID/VID monitoring graphs with text file logging feature.Added CPU load level determination on Intel Pentium II/III/M/4 family CPUs.Added throttled CPU clock determination for any forms of CPU clock throttling.Added support for multi-processor (SMP/HT) systems (for both monitoring and FID/VID management features).Added support for "mobile" and "server" (DBS) Enhanced Intel SpeedStep technology on Intel Pentium M and Xeon (Nocona) CPUs.Added CPU-specific power management related settings for AMD K7, AMD K8 and Intel Pentium M/Pentium 4/Xeon family CPUs (for advanced users only!).Added Minimal FID/VID determination and display (where available).Added CPU power management features presence and status display.Improved CPU/OS load measurement with load-averaging feature.Improved FID/VID control logic with CPU load level "noise filtering" (spike removal) feature.Changed default process priority to Realtime priority class.Bugfixed CPU usage determination after resume from Hibernate mode.Bugfixed program settings saving upon termination of Windows session (shutdown/logoff).

29 November 2004 RightMark Memory Analyzer v3.43 is released
New version of this package features:Fixes to ResultsBrowser component (CSV files export)Fixes to DMI info reading on systems with DMI residing outside system BIOS spaceMin/Max CPU multipliers determination on Pentium 4 and Athlon 64 family CPUsCeleron D support

3 November 2004 RightMark Memory Analyzer v3.42 is released
Changes made to this version include:New RTCore driver version for compatibility with other software using this driver, e.g. RMClock utility.Fixes to Intel 852/855 chipsets series supportImproved support of Intel ICH0-ICH6 SMBus controllersAdded support for nVidia nForce3 250 SMBus controllerAutomatic CPU/FSB/DRAM clock update in program UI

21 October 2004 RMClock utility (AMD64CLK) has been released
New version of RMClock utility (formerly known as AMD64CLK) has been released. Changes made to version 1.2 include:New UI and popup menu design, including animated icon feature.Support for mobile/low-power desktop AMD Athlon XP CPUs featuring AMD PowerNow! technology.Improved FID/VID control logic.Additional stabilization-related tweaks.Additional CPU-specific tweaks for AMD Athlon 64 and Athlon XP family CPUs.Bugfixed 'Restore Defaults on Exit'.

04 October 2004 RightMark Memory Analyzer v3.41 is released
New features in this version include:Added support for nVidia nForce3 SMBus controller, VIA VT8231/8233/8233A/8235/8237 SMBus controllers (experimental)Added identification of AMD Sempron CPUsFixes to Intel i915/i925, nVidia nForce2 chipsets support, improved support of AMD64 integrated memory controllerMinor fixes to ResultsBrowser component

27 September 2004 AMD64 Clock Utility v1.1 is released
New features in this version include:Realtime CPU usage determination using the CPU performance counters.FID/VID values locking (preventing from being changed).FID/VID automatic management (based on the CPU usage).Additional configuration options.

16 September 2004 AMD64 Clock Utility v1.0 is released
A64CLK (AMD64 Clock Utility) is a simple utility designed for realtime CPU frequency monitoring and realtime adjustment of the CPU multiplier (FID) and voltage level (VID) of the upported CPUs via processor's power management model specific registers (MSRs). An AMD64 (AMD K8) family CPU supporting processor performance states transitions (known as AMD PowerNow!™ or AMD Cool'n'Quiet™ technology) is required. The presence of this feature is automatically detected at the program startup.

08 September 2004 RightMark Memory Analyzer v3.4 is released
Changes made in this version include:New ResultsBrowser featureNew supported chipsets: Intel E7205, E7500, E7501, E7505, E7520, E7525, AMD8000, VIA K8T800, K8T800Pro (AMD64 integrated memory controller), nVidia nForce2 SMBus controllerDMI info (BIOS, Motherboard and System Vendor, Model and Revision)New CPU Database Entries

05 August 2004 RightMark Memory Analyzer v3.3 is released!
New features in this version include:New Memory timings adjusting feature for all supported chipsets (both in RMMA executable and a stand-alone application)Defaults to VirtualLock memory allocation schemeNew supported chipsets: Intel 440LX/EX, 440BX/ZX, 440GX, i830, i852GM/GMV, i855GM/GME, i855PM, i915/i925, nVidia nForce2 (experimental)New CPU Database EntriesMinor bugfix in Quick Tests feature

29 June 2004 RightMark Memory Analyzer v3.2 is released
Changes made to this version include:ChipsetInfo module featuring Chipset/Memory Timings and Memory SPD infoSupported Chipsets series: Intel i810/i815/i845/i865/i875, Intel i915/i925 (partially), AMD 750/760, VIA Appolo VP3/Appolo Pro/KT133 and SiS 630RAM Catalog feature: quick RAM Bandwidth/Latency tests, results submissionAdded "L2 cache line" stride size entry to D-Cache Latency, I-ROB and RAM Stability testsNew/corrected CPU types determination in CpuInfo moduleNew CPU Database EntriesMinor bugfix in RAM Performance/STREAM test

29 April 2004 RightMark Memory Analyzer v3.1 is released
The following additions and enhancements have been made to this version: Separated Memory Walk from D-Cache Latency test Added variable Stride Size support in I-Cache Latency testAdded new I-ROB (Instructions reorder buffer) testAdded new RAM Performance tests, Checksum and Substring SearchAdded Stride Size parameter to RAM Stablitiy testImproved graph display Added support for more CPUs in CpuInfo moduleAdded new CPU Database Entries (Pentium M/Celeron M, Pentium 4-M, Athlon XP Barton)

22 April 2004 RightMark Spy utility is released!
The utility will help your monitor the following:CPU frequency CPU load in %% Free memory available PCI overclock (via HPC clock shift)

5 April 2004 RightMark Memory Analyzer v3.0 is released!
Several major enhancements have been made to this version, including:CPU/Cache/TLB Info tab CPU Database functionality Existing v2.5 tests categorized as "Microarchitecture" tests "I-Cache" test split into "Decode Bandwidth" and "I-Cache Latency" tests Improved jump routines for I-Cache/I-TLB test New "RAM Performance" tests (STREAM-copy/scale/add/triad) New "RAM Stability" test (continuous memory load)

10 March 2004 RightMark CPU new beta 5 is released!
Added SSE3 (Prescott New Instructions) support to both Solver and Renderer modulesFixed several minor bugs

11 February 2004 RightMark Memory Analyzer v2.5 is released!
Several major enhancements have been made to this version, including:Automatic L1/L2 cache line size detection upon startupVariable active CPU index that enables to run the main test thread on a specific physical or logical CPUImproved MMX/SSE/SSE2 memory read/write/copy routines, including read prefetch routinesNew pseudo-random latency measurement mode to eliminate D-TLB miss penalties while measuring true RAM access latency

3 February 2004 RightMark Memory Analyzer v2.4 is released!
The RightMark Team is pleased to announce the release of the new test suite, RightMark Memory Analyzer. It provides the detailed, stable and accurate measurements of the most important low-level characteristics of PC CPU/Chipset/RAM subsystem. Seven types of tests are implemented in the current RightMark Memory Analyzer suite release. They enable you to determine the following low-level platform parameters: Average and peak memory bandwidthAverage and minimal L1/L2 data cache/memory latencyL1/L2 data cache associativityL1-L2 data cache bus bandwidth D-TLB size and associativity (of each level)L1 instructions cache size (including the "effective" size) and associativityDecode efficiency of various simple x86 (ALU/FPU/MMX) instructionsI-TLB size and associativity (of each level)

25 August 2003 New bug-fix beta4 version released

1 August 2003 Now fully supports both Intel and AMD featuresAll source code is availableIntel HTT is supported via 1-16 threads (both int and fp code threads used)Flexible L2 cache and memory load

25 January 2003 Added "SMP and Hyper-Threading technologies support in CPU RM visualization block" article to the new Articles section

18 November 2002 New CPU RM beta2 version is available
Added XML Batch

12 November 2002 New CPU RM beta version is available
Updated EULA

30 October 2002 New CPU RM beta version is released Test now supports Hyper-Threading technology and SMP/CMP.There are a lot limitations though... To browse results you must have Excel XP installed.Reports are now generated in XML format in Excel XP way. To change format try setting "OutFormat" to 0 (plain text).Overclocking RM is not ready yet. CPU Info tab is a test fake. We consider it a prototype pane. Please, send your proposals.

10 June 2002 New tests added into Benchmarks section: Intel processors: Pentium 4 2.20 GHz, Intel Celeron 1.70 GHz AMD processors: AMD Athlon XP 2200+ VIA processors: VIA C3 Ezra 1 GHz

20 May 2002 New Intel processors tests Added into Benchmarks section: Pentium 4 1.70 GHzPentium 4 1.80 GHz Celeron 1.80 GHz

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