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Jan 15, 2022, 7:13:23 PMJan 15
*Poll Shows Most Voters Want Trump Prosecuted For January 6th*
/The Ring of Fire/
{ Video length: 3min 51sec }

"A new poll has found that a plurality of American voters, 41%, want to
see Donald Trump referred for criminal prosecution for his role in the
January 6th Capitol Riot. A similar number, 39%, do not wish to see him
referred, while 20% somehow don't have an opinion one way or the other.
Democrats in Congress need to be aware of these numbers, but so does the
US Department of Justice that appears to be dragging its feet on the
whole issue. Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins discusses this."

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Yes, here is the proof that not all US citizens are raving loon Trump
cultist morons - YET!

Ördög - 👹️ - The newsgroup Devil at your service.

Want to see a real Hell on Earth? Here I show you!

Just look no further than that never been great and now completely
dis-United States (and people) of America.
Thank the *Orange* man and its MAGA cultist followers for that.

This is their ideology of pure *evil*:
Capitalist neo-liberal/libertarian lies and alternate reality,
Lack of compassion for the already downtrodden,
Sociopathic greed & envy,
Endemic nepotistic and plutocratic corruption,
Vicious hunger for power and "born to rule mentality",
Xtian fundamentalism
Never ending misogyny & homophobia
Undeniable Anglo-Celtic racism and supremacy,
Unbridled hate for the underclasses,
Unrelenting vengeance seeking against political opponents...
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