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Need samba back Win7 to Debian(-1)

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Oct 10, 2021, 11:24:11 PM10/10/21
Okay, I've only just found time to attempt to fix the problem of linux
samaba server now being inaccessible to Win7.

Looking for useful clubie as none of the samba running linux machines are
now appearing in the windows networking map. There are no other boxen
other than almost latest version of debian on the LAN.

The only thing that does appear is a disconnected queues(no map link) for
Canon TS9565 inkjet printer, which will print. Yes, the gateway boxen is
linked. No VPNs involved.

I don't know whether this is just a Win7 update or both win7 & debian

Longstory, everything has been working for yonks as a 'workgroup";

I can ping the Win7 boxen, but nmap finds no open ports.

I believe Linux samba has moved beyond 'domains' to some active directory
arrangement, which require an involved setup beyond setting yes to domain

Cluebies on the simplest arrangement, sambawise to get back facilities to;

a) back up the windows boxen,
b) remote desktop access to win7. basically to run a game that I can not
get running with wine or any variation.

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