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Jul 8, 2001, 9:31:52 AM7/8/01
Hi all

1st off I know bugger all about electronics, but just wanted to ask a
question. so sorry if it's off topic.

I have a TV which is starting to miss scan lines from the top of the
screen. it started out as one or two lines and now it's progressed about
40mm down the screen over a time span of several months, it looks like
every other line on the screen is missing, and distorts the picture
pretty bad. The TV is a unit with built in VCR probably about 10 yrs old
(teac brand, sorry don't know model number, I'm at work).
what I wanted to know before I lug the thing down to the local repair
shop is it a easy fix or am I up for big bucks? I wouldn't mind throwing
it away if it's cactus except for the VCR part which works fine, so then
I'd be up for a new VCR as well.

cheers and thanks in advance


Jul 9, 2001, 12:59:44 AM7/9/01
In article <3b48fa0e$>, says...
> Usualy this problem is not difficult to fix. Usualy it is bad solder joiints
> and or bad capacitor(s) or vertical output IC.
> If in Melbourne, give me a call on 0414 635 468.
> Rudolf
Thanks Rudolf

no i'm not in melbourne, but thanks for the offer

cheers Dave

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