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Trekking in China

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Dec 21, 2000, 11:46:49 PM12/21/00
I posted this some time ago, here goes again:

In April/May 2001 I'm going to a remote part of
Sichuan province in China to explore the three
sacred Konkaling peaks. This is a Tibetan area,
and the snow mountains are approx 6000m high.
There is a pilgrimage circuit round the mountains
that takes approx 1 week and includes a couple of
4000m passes. I've been here a cople of times
before and it is truly an amazing wilderness area
of pine forests, Tibetan hunters, pandas and snow
peaks. Some say it is the inspiration for the
book about Shangri-La.

If anyone is interested in joining me on this 3-
week trip, drop me a line at

Mike Woodhead

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