Installing Creative Entertainment Center from InstallationCD/Image fails at 24%, possible cause installshield changed.

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Jan 4, 2019, 11:06:43 PM1/4/19

I am pretty sure my Windows 7 was a clean as possible given the circumstances though... not entirely clean lots of software on it, but creative-wise should be gone/good to go.

Every time I try to install installation cd from nero image it fails at 24% when it tries to install;

Creative Entertainment Center.

Apperently the installer is not compatible with latest install shield and windows 7.

Depending on some fucking third party install shield software is pretty retarded anyway... cause of incompatibilities between versions.

CPU usage is at 50% but that is svchost after a boot the installer software itself appears to be braindead at 0% cpu each.



Furthermore if I cancel installation now it will corrupt the de-installer.

Clicking repair all will fix it eventually allowing everything to be de-installed again.

I think I have now 100% convincingly determined the original install software no longer works properly.

A possible solution is to de-check entertainment center when trying to install the software.

But first everything has to be repaired, then de-installed.

I think I wrote about this in the past though.

Also something remarkable has happened.

Since I de-installed these audio drivers the windows boot time is no longer 10 minutes but much shorter.

perhaps the SBXF_PCDRV_LB_2_18_0015.exe version I was using is actually a beta version and causes 10 minute boot time.

Or perhaps I was using SBXF_PCDRV_L11_2_30_0004.exe

Probably the latter... maybe re-installing these drivers improperly without restarting might have caused the 10 minute boot issue.

If the boot issue returns I will report back.

I also re-configured deamon tools in msconfig to not start up.

Something interesting just happened.

A POP-OP occured saying that device install failed... perhaps windows was trying to install a driver and perhaps this is upsetting the x-fi elite pro installation software.

Perhaps windows delays the install shield software and stops it...

Kinda weird.

It's not progressing though.

Perhaps this automation is a bad thing... kinda dislike automation... it can interfere with other things... though sometimes it's nice... currently it's hard to tell if it caused a problem with this install software.

For now I will assume not... because the same thing happened when the audio driver was already installed via web release driver.

So I stay with my earlier conclusion that creative entertainment center installer is BROKEN with latest installshield and windows 7.



Jan 4, 2019, 11:18:15 PM1/4/19
There could be a bug in the later installshield software.

I think installshield must first be installed before programs like these can be installed.

So these installers are not "self-contained" they may be dependent on the installed install shield version.

What seems to happen is that setup.exe from some audio folder... possibly audio\setup\setup.exe is run twice.

I am not sure if it was designed this way and if this is normal.

One seems to run 40 seconds and the other has zero cpu time.

Perhaps later version of install shield does not allow or does not work when multiple installers are opened/run at the same time.

This is also pretty weird and sloppy about this installation cd...

It opens multiple installers at the same time.

Apperently install shield does not like that very much... perhaps neither does windows 7.

Is install shield integrated into windows 7 ? Does it cooperate ?!

Very weird.

I will now try and repair the failed installation and remove it again and then re-try without entertainment center selected.


Jan 4, 2019, 11:21:06 PM1/4/19
This is really fucked up... can't run repair tool... the setup program just re-starts from the front... it does not understand that something went bad...

I still selected everything... let's see how this goes the second time...

Which might be bad... this may result somehow in a boot time of 10 minutes.

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