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Bill Fulk

Oct 15, 2020, 4:18:51 PM10/15/20
to AuroraCobra
I recently purchased a very original 1983 Aurora Cobra that Still has all the emissions Equipment on the engine. The original emissions label is still on the inside of the hood, but after 30+ years it has frayed and peeled, so the Engine’s emissions number is no longer visible. If anyone still has an emissions label with the emissions number still visible, could you please take a picture and send it to me, or Just send me the Emissions number. I need the number in order to smog check the car. I would really appreciate it.
Bill Fulk
Sacramento CA

pet deg

Oct 15, 2020, 6:24:30 PM10/15/20
to auror...@googlegroups.com
Hi Bill , 

Peter or Guzzy or Me ( not to good with computers )  here in Georgia with # 78 which is an 83 302 4 speed . I have been looking all over for a sticker and cannot find one where is it on your car ? My car has had a few owners so things have been changed . 

Here in Ga any car older than 25 years doesn't need emissions . Of course, there's also a lot of banjo playing going on .


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Bill Fulk

Oct 16, 2020, 10:40:13 AM10/16/20
to AuroraCobra
Hey Peter,
The Aurora Emissions Label is located on the bottom of the inside of the hood. When you lift the hood, just look down toward the radiator, and you’ll see it. 


Oct 16, 2020, 10:40:14 AM10/16/20
to auror...@googlegroups.com
I don't have much left of the Federal required equipment but the label is pretty good.
Good luck, Wally



pet deg

Oct 16, 2020, 1:48:04 PM10/16/20
to auror...@googlegroups.com
Sorry no label at all inside of Hood . Good luck with Emissions


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B Woody

Oct 16, 2020, 4:36:50 PM10/16/20
to auror...@googlegroups.com
That is a pretty good gosh darned pic of a pretty decent in shape looking label.
Certainly worthy of printing it out and taking to Decal/Label maker ... you just need the dimensions... 3"x6" ???
Should be a whole heck of a lot less $ than a fake DL or SS# in CA.
And with an actual sticker you will have less chance of dealing with a "Karen".
Sad to say but true.

So, yah get a label made up and save yourself the future headaches.
Maybe even get 20 made for what? $100 ? 
The 1st one made will be the most expensive ... the rest are just reprints/duplicates.

Ford Part # E3AE-9C485-DPG is UNAVAILABLE.
Might get a FoMoCo 1983 Ford Mustang...similar...ehh...not available either.
And even IF available it would not show "Aurora Cars Company"

CA is a mess when it comes to emissions.
Pre 1976 (gas) is exempt...so in 8yrs you will be fine and exempt...double sigh.
Buddy of mine in Modesto with the last 1998 12 valve Dodge diesels only gets through emissions after running emulsified diesel through his truck for a week.

Everything in CA is just a tax grab now considering the 43% loss of revenue from people that have been leaving the State.
Just how crazy is it to be told to wear a mask while eating out and putting it on "Between Bites"... Nuckin Futz.

The Great State of FL eliminated Emissions testing in what ? 1995...?
Why would they even have it as the State is only 200 miles or so wide and the wind just does it's thing in 20hrs or so.
CA gets all their garbage and smog from Chyna but, Gavin will not admit to that.

Oh I am sorry was I getting "Political" ?
Too bad...too sad...suck it up Buttercup...

Bottom Line.
Ya get a printed out Decal, install it and avoid the potential "Karen" in your future for the next 8yrs .

And Oh Hey Yah
The great State of GA may have some "Banjo Playing" going on .
But so does KY, TN and even W VA.
You know what they don't have though that GA has?
A True Great Patriot like Rep. Doug Collins..........

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