Fuel tank, pick-up romoval and gaskets

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Aug 2, 2021, 10:31:39 PMAug 2
to AuroraCobra

Hi Aurora friends!

I need to change out the fuel pick-up and sender gaskets.

1. How is the world to these come out?
2. Anyone found similar gaskets? Or an I buying some paper/cork sheets?

Much appreciated!


Aug 6, 2021, 5:36:36 PMAug 6
to AuroraCobra
Well let me ask what is the actual problem ? pulling gas tank out is well covered in the google groups as well as the maintenence manuals that Tom " the web guy"  took the time to make available ( Thank you by the way ) . pulling tank out is a major pain , but you can replace fuel lines and fix fuel guage ( and even adjust it )  without all that ,

So ? do you have a leak ? bad guage ? fuel  pump problem ? what # car ???

Spike  aka Guzz aka 5.5


Sep 15, 2021, 7:01:56 PMSep 15
to AuroraCobra
Sorry for the delayed response, I've attached photos of the connections I'm talking about. I have removed the fuel tank.

The pick up and return have the rubber gasket/seal/o-ring piece that has deteriorated and does not seal any more. This is what I'm having trouble removing from the tank. Do they twist? Do they pull? Are they from another car?
Also the sender unit gasket I cannot seem to find, I'm guessing original was cork?

Any ideas?

Thanks Matt
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