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Welcome to the AudioTool Discussion Group. We discuss use of the Android "AudioTool" and iOS "iAudioTool" real time audio analysis apps.

FAQ for AudioTool

1) Where is the "Menu" Button ??!?!

The Menu button is now one of the on-screen buttons. Previous to version 7.1, AudioTool used the Android Menu button. If you are running one of these earlier versions, and can't find the Menu button, read on: On some Android phones (e.g. Samsung Galaxy S5), the menu button has been concealed. To get to the AudioTool menu on such devices, try a long press on the Recent Apps button. See this link for more info: 

2) Where is the AudioTool manual?
The online manual for AudioTool is here:

3) Have you got a calibration file for my Android phone?
I do not have the resources (hardware/time/skill/patience!) to calibrate Android phones. Many members of this Group are acoustics experts, and do have the necessary kit to do calibrations. The best hope of getting a calibration file for your phone is thus to Post in the Group asking for one.

4) Do I have to buy a new copy of AudioTool to put on my new Android phone?
No, your purchase of AudioTool allows you to download and install it on any Android phone that is associated with the Google account you used to make the purchase.

5) Can you add this really nifty feature (.....)?
Yes, probably, but I have to prioritize such requests. Usually, if someone else chimes in and says they'd also like the feature, and a) it doesn't conflict with other features, b) fits within the general scope of AudioTool, then I will add it to my "todo" list. Requests for incremental improvements to existing functions are much more likely to get implemented quickly.