Cheapest AES67 hardware available? Hasseb Audio over Ethernet

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Nicholas Humfrey

Jun 22, 2019, 7:53:37 PM6/22/19
to Audio over IP

Could this be the cheapest AES67 compatible device available?

The Hasseb Audio over Ethernet transmitter/receiver is on the market for €99:

Also advertised on eBay for $129 / £101.61:

There is also a 'Pro version' in an aluminium case, with separate inputs and outputs.
And another version with two XLR inputs (no output).

The manual is available online but doesn't have a lot of details:

The diagram included the publicity implies it interoperates with:
- Merging
- Livewire+
- Genelec AES67 Speakers
- Ravenna
- Dante
- Lawo

I am not sure who the intended audience is but I bought one to see what is was like and for testing with open source software. 

- It is cheap!
- Simple to set up
- Has two built-in Ethernet ports (acts as a switch)
- Supports both SAP (for Dante) and mDNS+RTSP for Ravenna
- Can act as either a PTPv2 Master or Slave

- The firmware is not upgradable
- Basic version uses the same 3.5mm stereo connector for either transmitting or receiving
- The configuration interface is very basic
- Difficult to know what is going on when having problems
I successfully streamed audio from my Glensound AOIP44 to the Hasseb AoE but I have not been able to get the Glensound AOIP44 to receive a stream from the Hasseb AoE. It might be that I can't work out how to use the Dante Controller UI though!
While testing I also found the following issues:
a) In order to receive a multicast stream from the Glensound AOIP44, I had to copy/paste the SDP file from another tool (it did not appear on the list of devices on the network automatically). This is because the drop down list is based on mdns+RTSP, not SAP.
b) There is some strange artefacts before the audio starts - like the same piece of audio being repeated
c) After a few minutes the audio cuts out

Apparently the audio cutting out problem is an IGMP issue with the device. I have sent mine back to Finland and I am hoping to receive an updated version of the device that fixes this problem.
Are there any other inexpensive AES67 devices out there?
Glensound now do a AoIP22 AES3 interface for £175 (also Dante based).


Nicholas Humfrey

Jul 16, 2019, 5:57:33 PM7/16/19
to Audio over IP
Good news is that I received my Hasseb AoE back from Finland with a new firmware on it and it fixes the IGMP problem.

So, I no longer have problems with it cutting out after a few minutes.


Rui Barreiros

Jan 4, 2021, 4:42:53 AM1/4/21
to Audio over IP
Hey Nick,

Any chance of looking under the hood ? I'm curious what platform did he choose to develop the interface!

Best regards.

Davide Nossa

Mar 23, 2021, 5:45:46 AM3/23/21
to Rui Barreiros, Audio over IP
Hello all, 

I also bought an Hasseb AoE Pro just to give it a ride, since the price was quite appealing. 
I managed to play a stream received from a Dante AVIO (SDP was inserted manually though) but I am not able to play a stream generated by the Hasseb using other AES67 receivers. 

On the very basic UI I can see the Output stream settings where an rtsp address is shown. I cannot get an sdp file from this rtsp address in anyway, I tried with some open source software that are known to be configured correctly but nothing. 
I said, ok let's use the manual SDP file, but the SDP information are not shown on the UI and I have no idea how to get them. See below: 

In theory it should be possible to play the stream also via VLC since it handles RTSP. So I fired up VLC and opened the network stream indicated on the Hasseb UI, but nothing. When I connect with the rtsp address provided, i can access the codec information (PCM S24BE 48kHz 24bits) but no audio. 
On VLC but also on Wireshark, I see the device is announcing correctly with mDNS but I cannot get the stream playing. I also see that the device is sending RTP audio packets, but when i try to analyse the stream with wireshark (trying to listen to it), I get a "stream is empty" error. 

DId anyone succeed in using the Hasseb Pro AoE as a transmitter? Is there anything I missing? 

All the best! 


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Elliott Balsley

Jan 16, 2022, 7:25:41 PM1/16/22
to Audio over IP
That tiny Hasseb receiver looks interesting.  Do you know how many channels it supports?  I suppose the output is stereo, but I wonder if there's some way to select which 2 channels to monitor from a multichannel stream.

Philip Tschiemer

Jan 17, 2022, 5:25:44 AM1/17/22
to Elliott Balsley, 'Elliott Balsley' via Audio over IP
It has a stereo/2-channel input and output capability and from what I remember it does not have any sort of routing capabilities, ie you'll have to provide a respective two-channel stream - I'm not sure actually how it treats streams with more than 2 channels, ie if it just takes the first two and discards the rest or only works when there are exactly 2  channels present (how about 1?). Didn't try

So you'd have to configure a separate stream for this, I think.

the screenshot you have there in the linked manual is pretty much what you get to configure the device

If all you want is a more flexible stereo monitor device you might want to use other solutions like the ones you're looking at anyways in your other emails.

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