DML-style dependent types in ATS

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Jun 4, 2021, 1:12:10 AM6/4/21
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The dependent types in ATS are not the kind of full spectrum dependent types
as formulated in Martin-Lof's constructive type theory. I now refer to the dependent
types in ATS as DML-style dependent types, which I first formulated in Dependent ML
(DML), a language I designed and implemented as a part of my PhD thesis. Here
is a link to my paper on DML:

People often claim that the type system of ATS is less powerful when compared to languages based on Martin-Lof's type theory. This claim is misleading at best. Let me

There is a static component (statics) and a dynamic component (dynamics) in ATS;
types are in the statics and programs are in the dynamics. If we do want to support full spectrum dependent types in ATS, then the statics can be extended as such. However,
the statics and the dynamics are still separate. This separation is by design; it is really the
most salient feature of ATS.

Say we somehow find a way to merge the statics and the dynamics. This could only mean that many features in the dynamics must be abandoned, resulting in a language that may have more expressive types but fewer programming features. For instance, regardless how powerful Martin-Lof's type theory is, one simply cannot give in it an efficient tail-recursive implementation of the list-append function. But this can be readily done in ATS.


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