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Jul 7, 2011, 12:25:55 PM7/7/11
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Hello all!
Hope this finds you well. Summer vacation is very nice...I just
uploaded a bunch of recordings of old Atom and His Package shows, an
unreleased song and some other stuff. It's likely that there's an
easier way to organize it, but I'm stuck in Internetland, circa 1956
so I just added links to the web site. Below is a list of what's
there. I'm in the midst of uploading some videos of a couple of shows
to You Tube (Have you HEARD of this thing?! It's like a videotape on
a TV?!!), so those links aren't active yet, but everything else below
should be accessible if you go to:
Forgive the poor formatting below, but figured it'd be helpful-ish
(not THAT helpful) to describe what the stuff is.

Title Recording date and place description

Husker Dave My house, a while ago. Dave & Jon Zamboni and I recorded
this song at my house let's say around 2004 why they were in town
doing a thing on Comcast's sports wrap up. I played the helmet with
the Zambonis on this show. We got to pose for pictures with Lou
Tilley. Part of these lyrics ended up in an Armalite song.

Atom and His Package Live on KUCI KUCI radio station over pizza in
2001? 2003?

Atom and His Package Live @ Under The Coutch, Atlanta, GA 12/5/1999
This is the recording of a show.

Atom and His Package Live @ University of MD, College Park Radio Show
? This is a recording of a show that happened at a radio station,
with an audience so it's not as awkward as many radio show
performances. I believe Mike Parsell plays guitar with me at this

Atom and His Package Live @ Bug's House of Rock in Boise, ID 2000 A
house show at my old friend Bug's House.

Atom and His Package Live @ Gabe's in Iowa City, IA 4/8/2001 John
Darnielle from the Mountain Goats makes my decade and attends this
show. Then, he makes my eon by performing Going to Georgia with me.
He then makes my age of the universe by messing up Going to Georgia
which lets me correct him, which makes me feel good because he's a

Atom and His Package Live @ X-Mist Records in Nagold, Germany
6/19/1999 I played in a little village in Germany at my friends Armin
and Ute's Record store. I should call them and visit them. They are
awesome doods.

Atom and His Package Live @ a house in St. Louis, MO 12/9/1998 I had a

Atom and His Package interview on KKJO 105.5 St. Joseph, MO ? Radio
interview-y thing. Nice folks

Atom and his package Live on WPRB Princeton, NJ 12/19/2002 Jon
Solomon is an awesome dood who does a 24 hour radio show each
Christmas. This is not that.

Atom and His Package Interview-y thing on Solipsistic Nation After
Atom and His Package 'broke up'.

Atom and His Package Live VIDEO in Hamburg, Germany 2001 Hamburg,

Atom and His Package Live VIDEO in Seattle, WA @Velvet Elvis

Take good care!
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