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Max Olson

Sep 7, 2014, 1:28:13 PM9/7/14
The best places to find historic map data:

Current map data
Natural Earth shapefiles (new 2.0 as of Nov.2012) 
National Atlas (government map data)

Archival maps
David Rumsey Collection:
Maphub (annotates & overlays old maps)
Historical Geography of the US:
Sanborn Insurance Map Archive (660,000 maps) (must have ProQuest access):

Modern-made historic maps
Historic political boundaries: (can\'t use GIS; terms too restrictive)
Europe & Middle East 1000-2000, animated:
World History maps (everything)
National Historical GIS:
Old maps + modern historic maps : (mostly Asia + Middle East)
Hand crafted world history maps + sources:
Wikipedia historic world culture maps:

Other online history maps
5,000 years of World borders
MapStory (country borders since 1980)
Chronoatlas (very buggy)
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