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The AtlantaSinging group is an announcement-only list, managed by Lisa Bennett, Laura Akerman, and John Plunkett, that sends members a monthly "singing reminder" about Sacred Harp and other shape-note singings being held in the Atlanta area and "surrounding areas".  These may include the rest of Georgia and parts of Alabama, Tennessee, North and South Carolina and Florida - anywhere within a day "driving distance" of Atlanta where we think there is interest for Atlanta singers.  We occasionally send update announcements of news we think is relevant to the shape-note singing community.    To learn more about shape-note singing, a couple of websites may be helpful:  the Atlanta Sacred Harp web site, and which has a wealth of resources including directories of singings all over the world.  If you haven't heard shape-note singing before, just search YouTube for "sacred harp" or "christian harmony" and you will find plenty of samples.  Anyone is welcome to join this list and we encourage you to join - we all need little reminders to prompt us to go and do things that we will really enjoy, once we are there.  The shape-note singing community is very welcoming and you can come to any singing just to listen, or to participate.  There are often singing schools and several "practice singings" in the Atlanta area if you are new, where you can "learn the shapes" with both new and experienced singers.

Hope to see you at a singing soon!