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John Plunkett

Mar 18, 2023, 1:14:36 PM3/18/23
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Hello all,!/Obituary

Some of you have heard about the death of George Burnette.  Amy Wells has been in touch with his daughter about funeral plans and their wish for Sacred Harp singing to be part of the service. Unfortunately, this will conflict with the restart of the GA State Convention next Saturday. IF YOU WERE NOT PLANNING TO ATTEND THE CONVENTION ON SATURDAY AND WOULD BE AVAILABLE AND WILLING TO SING FOR GEORGE AT THE FUNERAL - PLEASE CONTACT AMY.

 Here are Amy’s comments:

 I was finally able to connect with Melanie again, and she confirmed that the service will be on the 25th, but at noon.  I mentioned a few different options for her. Sounds like what she would like is for 1 person to speak about George and his involvement in singing, then followed by a song or two.  She felt that if it’s only 1-2 people, that the church could provide some sound equipment, such that we might play a recording, which may not be a bad option to keep in mind, actually, given the conflict with the Ga State convention. Or if you have any info/stories that come to mind about George, that would also be most welcome.

 Amy can be reached by email- (she is also on Facebook - Amy Armstrong Wells).

Here’s some more about George:

There are funds in the Atlanta Sacred Harp account to send flowers.  Please contact Lisa Bennett if you would like to contribute to ASH towards this.


Also on a sad note - some of you that have been to sing in Roberta over the past few years, would likely have met (Elder) Chris Robinson.  His daughter, Erica Atkins, was murdered recently.

In addition to supporting the Georgian Harmony and Sacred Harp singings in Roberta and that area, he is also active in the note-singing community based in and around Griffin (Griffin Gospel Note Singers) and south of Atlanta.

Her service is today.

Hopefully this link for the livestream of her service will work:



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