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robin fay

Nov 16, 2009, 4:19:36 PM11/16/09
to ATHDrupal
Would you tell us a little more about your DNS prob? Are using
pathauto or some other kind of rewrite module in Drupal?

I think we can find a late afternoon/early evening time that would
probably work with everyone, but we'll probably want a meeting space
with a projector and hopefully, wifi. The mlc/slc might have something
we can use in the evenings, not sure where else on campus we could

I'm not sure what the pub lib has in terms of meeting space, but I'm
willing to ask.


robin fay

Nov 16, 2009, 5:12:02 PM11/16/09
to ATHDrupal
I have a site that is live on a server other than mine but will be
moved to mine. The maintainer has copied all the code/databases/etc
and given them to me to put on our server. I plan on running a
multisite install, and I think I understand how to do that. (Make
directory in drupal/sites/ with url of site and copy my files into
there. Create a database and put connection info into settings.php.
Set the Virtual Host to point to root Drupal install). I'm not sure
how to get to it though in order to run update.php - it is live under
it's domain name at the old server. I thought of making a directory in
my non-Drupal site structure and then creating an Alias to Drupal.
But, what would I put as the site name in the sites folder? (It has to
be the full domain name, including .com, .edu, etc).

I'll ask around here to see if we can use the auditorium. I don't
think it's used at night at all, but I don't know if they'd have
problems with locking, etc.

Any help on DNS appreciated,
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