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Ramin Bozorgi

Mar 1, 2024, 5:02:18 AMMar 1
to astropy-dev
Dear Frinds 
i have this code 
from astroquery.simbad import Simbad

def get_star_info(star_name):
    custom_simbad = Simbad()
    custom_simbad.add_votable_fields('ra(epoch=J2000)', 'dec(epoch=J2000)','ra(epoch=FK4)', 'dec(epoch=FK4)', 'ra(epoch=B1950)', 'dec(epoch=B1950)', 'pmra', 'pmdec', 'rv_value', 'plx', 'flux(V)', 'flux(B)')
    result_table = custom_simbad.query_object(star_name)
    if result_table is not None:
        ra_j2000 = result_table['RA_epoch_J2000'][0]
        dec_j2000 = result_table['DEC_epoch_J2000'][0]
        ra_fk4 = result_table['RA_epoch_FK4'][0]
        dec_fk4 = result_table['DEC_epoch_FK4'][0]
        ra_b1950 = result_table['RA_epoch_B1950'][0]
        dec_b1950 = result_table['DEC_epoch_B1950'][0]
        pmra = result_table['PMRA'][0]
        pmdec = result_table['PMDEC'][0]
        velocity = result_table['RV_VALUE'][0]
        parallax = result_table['PLX_VALUE'][0]
        apparent_magnitude_V = result_table['FLUX_V'][0]
        apparent_magnitude_B = result_table['FLUX_B'][0]
        # Calculate absolute magnitude
        absolute_magnitude = apparent_magnitude_V - 5 * (1 + 0.2) * (parallax / 1000)
        # Calculate distance in parsecs
        distance_parsecs = 1 / (parallax / 1000)
        # Calculate distance in light-years
        distance_ly = distance_parsecs * 3.26
        info = {
            "RA_J2000": ra_j2000,
            "Dec_J2000": dec_j2000,
            "RA_FK4": ra_fk4,
            "Dec_FK4": dec_fk4,
            "RA_B1950": ra_b1950,
            "Dec_B1950": dec_b1950,
            "ProperMotion_RA": pmra,
            "ProperMotion_Dec": pmdec,
            "Velocity": velocity,
            "Parallax": parallax,
            "ApparentMagnitude_V": apparent_magnitude_V,
            "AbsoluteMagnitude": absolute_magnitude,
            "Distance_parsecs": distance_parsecs,
            "Distance_ly": distance_ly
        return info
        return None

# Example star names
star_names = ["Sirius", "Alpha Centauri A", "Betelgeuse", "Vega"]

for star_name in star_names:
    star_info = get_star_info(star_name)
    if star_info:
        print(f"Star: {star_name}")
        print(f"  RA (J2000): {star_info['RA_J2000']}")
        print(f"  Dec (J2000): {star_info['Dec_J2000']}")
        print(f"  RA (FK4): {star_info['RA_FK4']}")
        print(f"  Dec (FK4): {star_info['Dec_FK4']}")
        print(f"  RA (B1950): {star_info['RA_B1950']}")
        print(f"  Dec (B1950): {star_info['Dec_B1950']}")
        print(f"  Proper Motion in RA: {star_info['ProperMotion_RA']}")
        print(f"  Proper Motion in Dec: {star_info['ProperMotion_Dec']}")
        print(f"  Velocity: {star_info['Velocity']}")
        print(f"  Parallax: {star_info['Parallax']}")
        print(f"  Apparent Magnitude (V): {star_info['ApparentMagnitude_V']}")
        print(f"  Absolute Magnitude: {star_info['AbsoluteMagnitude']}")
        print(f"  Distance (parsecs): {star_info['Distance_parsecs']}")
        print(f"  Distance (light-years): {star_info['Distance_ly']}")
        print(f"Star: {star_name} not found in SIMBAD database.")

and in result Ra and Dec of 1950  is equal Ra dec of 2000
i want to take hd and hip and tyc number and bayer code of this stars in output and i dont know how can i do that  
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