Call for feedback: API change with 'copy' arguments + numpy 2.0

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Clément Robert

Mar 11, 2024, 10:00:34 AMMar 11
to astropy-dev
Hi all,
In preparation for numpy 2.0, I've been working on making Astropy's APIs better match a
change upstream regarding the meaning of the `copy` keyword argument

For context, I've laid out the motivation and plans in

Currently, the goal is to preserve strict backward compatibility for astropy 6.0.1,
but there seems to be a consensus that we need to change something in the long run, so
I'm reaching out to ask for early feedback on the current plans.

By far, the simplest approach, maintenance wise, would be to use the following
patch (proposed for astropy 6.1).

Affected APIs:
- astropy.units.Quantity
- astropy.utils.Masked
- astropy.table.Column
- astropy.table.Table
- astropy.time.Time
- astropy.coordinates.CylindricalDifferential

If you're working on any project that uses one or more of these APIs, and you're
interested in this discussion, can you please run your test suite with
numpy dev (or numpy 2.0.0b1 if it's out when you read this) + and tell us how it went ?

Feel free to share your thoughts in the PR or in

Have a nice day !
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