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Deckers Maxime

May 31, 2022, 12:05:08 PM5/31/22
to astrometry

I have this image is centred at 269.01, 18.35 deg, radius < 0.1. Link to attempted upload on web version: 

I am trying to run the command-line version with the following command:
solve-field N20220526S0014_stack_primary.fits --ra 269.01 --dec 18.35 --radius 0.1 -v --downsample 2 --continue --crpix-center

I have the 4200-(10, 13, 28-31), 4201-(10, 13, 28,31), 5200-(10, 13, 28-31) and 5201-(10, 13, 28-31) index files in my data folder, healpix values taken from the maps on the github. 



Dustin Lang

May 31, 2022, 12:18:21 PM5/31/22
to Deckers Maxime, astrometry

Note that both the web version and solve-field assume that the image size is > 0.1 degree wide.  For images known to be narrower than this, you must tell it the correct image scale range.

On the web site, that's under the "advanced options".

If I am reading the existing WCS in your image correctly, it is ~2.4 arcminutes wide.  That is going to be a challenge for the stock index files available for

For solve-field, note that "--radius" does *not* refer to the radius of the image, it goes along with --ra, --dec to say how close your image is to that given RA,Dec position.  For the image scale you need, eg,
--scale-units amw --scale-low 2.0 --scale-high 3.0


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Dustin Lang

May 31, 2022, 12:27:30 PM5/31/22
to Deckers Maxime, astrometry
I'll create a custom index file for you to test, if 5200-31 doesn't work.

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